Madoka Magica Trilogy Coming to Theatres!

News:  Anime News Network, among other outlets, is reporting that the December issue of Newtype is revealing that three Puella Magi Madoka Magica films are going to be released to theaters.  Production should begin on the first of the films soon.  The first two movies will be compilation films and the third will contain all-new material.

Comments:  I’m very excited about the movies!  Besides being a clever and create series, Madoka Magica contains quite a bit of religious symbolism (Christian included), and I’m emphasized the Christian themes in the show in the past.  I’ve also included it as one of the series I recommend to Christians.

While it’s disappointing that the first two films will only basically be summaries of the television series, these compilation-type movies are sometimes very good, showing that anime shows are often well suited to be movies.  The recent Evangelion movies come to mind, though those are reimagined versions of the originals, which it doesn’t seem the Madoka films will be.

The final film will obviously be the most anticipated.  Atsuhiro Urobuchi wants the subtitle of that movie to be “Incubator no Gyakushū,” which means “Incubator Strikes Back” or “Incubator’s Counterattack.”  Reminiscent of a Star Wars movie…I’m fine with that.


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    1. I would think so, though it’ll be a while. And it all might depend on how well the series DVDs sell for Aniplex.

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