Penguins at Jesus’ Arrest, Tabuki as Judas, and a Proliferation of Christian OEL Manga

Draggle sees Momoka of Mawaru Penguindrum as a Christ figure with disciples, including Tabuki as Judas.  Roghek responded to that post with one of her own, discussing the episode in terms of the Biblical ideas of sin affecting future generations.  Draggle then wrote another post focusing on our attitudes toward victims and again quoting scripture.

Continuing with Mawaru Penguindrum, Vucubcaquix sees parallels between the characters in episode 18 and similar individuals in the Bible, writing that Tabuki resembles a different disciple, Simon Peter, when he cut off the servant’s (the Takakura children) ear, after which Jesus (Momoka) rebuked him.

Zeroe4 has been accepted into a YWAM program which will send him to Tokyo.  Congratulations!

Katie reviews a ton of self-produced Christian OEL manga, including Dear Emily, Thy Name, Fleeting, Burn, and Send Me an Angel (Vol. 1).

Alafists posted a beautiful night time picture of a Buddhist templte, the Kiyomizu-dera.

Ard Vijn of Twich reviews Angel Beats, emphasizing the religious framework of the story in his review.  In fact, Angel Beats! is getting a lot of run this week, with Miette-chan posting about a Tenshi figure, and the Seventh Style website discussing OST themes from the show and detailing Tenshi’s guard skills.


As part of the Spirituality in the Anime Blogsophere series of posts, each week, Beneath the Tangles links to writings about anime and manga that involve religion and spirituality.  If you’ve written such a piece or know of one, please email TWWK if you’d like it included.

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