12 Days of Christmas Anime

Art by 白∞

EDIT: 12 Days of Christmas Anime for 2012 begins here.

Christmas is finally upon us!  Snow is falling (well…not here in Texas), decorations are up, silver bells are ringin’, and shoppers are filling the stores to buy gifts for loved ones.

What a great time to watch anime.

“Hmm?” you say?  While anime and Christmas are two words that don’t seem to go together, anime fans know that the medium is full of Christmas-related episodes.  Though often portrayed in a more romantic context than it is in the west, many of these episodes can nonetheless help put us in the Christmas spirit.  So as with last year, Beneath the Tangles will count down the twelve days until Christmas by unwrapping a Christmas anime episode each day.  Join us starting tomorrow as we go through some of the best Christmas episodes in anime – some newer and some older.

And if you’d like, why don’t you watch along with us!

In the meantime, feel free to look at the some of the episodes we left behind with cookies and milk last year:

Day 1: Cardcaptor Sakura
Day 2: Read or Die
Day 3: Vandread
Day 4: Itsudatte My Santa!
Day 5: RahXephon
Day 6: Azumanga Daioh
Day 7: K-On!
Day 8: Toradora!
Day 9: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
Day 10: Ah! My Goddess: Everyone Has Wings
Day 11: Maison Ikkoku
Day 12: Love Hina
Day 13 (extra): Honey and Clover

9 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Anime

  1. Man- anime EPISODES. I was totally thinking you’d found anime *series* that had to do with Christmas, and I was thinking that there are only two on the planet (Tru fax, though one is a movie). Although it would be interesting to see your look at Tokyo Godfathers, since you’ve already seen My Santa!

    1. That would be something…though even if there were that many Christmas series, I wouldn’t have time to get through more than one! It was hard enough to watch all these single (and some multiple) episodes.

      Though, perhaps in a few days, there might be a post about Tokyo Godfathers. Maybe.

      1. Well thank you for that teasing statement! xD I’m definitely going back and reading what you did last year, though (minus Toradora!, since I’m very aware that it’s apparently a big plot episode and one cannot watch it without spoiling some of the series). CCS = adorableness! Perhaps my favorite anime episode of all time.

        1. Oh yes, please avoid Toradora. Although those episodes aren’t necessarily spoilerific, the show is, in a sense, all spoilers after the first handful of episodes.

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