Guilty Crown episodes 10 and 11 – Keep calm and be yourself.

Guilty Crown episode 10 summarized in one image

How's that for a Merry Christmas?

Shuu is heavily affected by the death of Jun that he is not able to function. He sees delusions and is even scared of his own shadow. Because of his lack of action, he resigns from/is thrown out of the Undertakers, who then try to get back The Crystal that started it all back from GHQ.

Turns out, things go awry and everything looks pretty hopeless as the Undertakers start losing, the virus starts transmitting through sound waves, and only Gai and Inori are left to infiltrate GHQ while the rest of the Undertakers are trying to hold off attacks.

Oh yeah, but then there’s this guy.

I can't remember seeing this guy before, but he looks pretty sinister. His hair reminds me of Daryl's.

He’s important later.

Episode 10 was too depressing to give its own entry, so needless to say, I was nervous how episode 11 would shape up. Thankfully, it gave a good performance as it marked the halfway point in the series, a semi-finale of sorts.

The world is still in crisis, where we left it last episode. But before we address that, let’s look at my new favorite character since I’m not sure how active she’ll be in the next arc of the story.

Hare is a pretty fantastic person. She brought breakfast for the melancholy Shuu.

Hare is the character most stapled as the ditzy little girl with her head stuck in a crush over Shuu. Well, she was for a while, but after her curiosity got the better of her when she followed Shuu and saw him use his power as well as him getting rejected from the Undertakers (and shot by Gai, by the way, but it was a blank), she’s wised up. Although, she does something I think is interesting. She doesn’t confront Shuu with all this information until he makes a total fool out of himself. She scolds him, but still sticks by his side and helps him as he goes to save Gai and Inori. She’s either really devoted or really crazy.

Gai and Inori are still trying to make their way through the facility to find a way to stop the crystal from transmitting when they run into Dr. Ouma, who is also running way from Keido.

Together, the three transmit Inori’s singing (of all things) and stop the reaction of the crystal.

All the while, Shuu gathers Hare, Souta, Yahiro, Arisa, and Kusama, and tries to explain the situation.

Yahiro shows up to the meeting, but is quick to attack Shuu.
Shuu struggles with how to explain the situation and act and soon realizes he can't be like Gai, nor should he be.
Shining moment! Keep that confidence, Shuu, you'll need it later.

Thankfully, they all agree to help Shuu (even Yahiro in the end!) and with the help of the remaining Undertakers, excluding Gai and Inori, they drive to the tower where Dr. Ouma is transmitting Inori’s song.

After some great team work, Shuu gets to the roof. And  just when you think this is going to be an awesome happy ending

Shuu meeting up with Inori on the roof of the tower. He's so happy to see her again.

This happens.


I’ll have to go back and rewatch to find out if we have seen this guy before, but it appears we have a new rival/villain on the scene who can also pull voids from people.

Poor Shuu, just when he was finally gaining his individual self. I hope he can still stay strong.

While I was disappointed this episode ended rather depressing and hopeless, I was surprised to find a good message behind it.

Even when things don’t go your way, you can still carry on. I get the feeling Shuu is going to be learning this lesson more and more as the show goes on, but he was able to push onward past his guilt of Jun’s death.

On the topic of which, my favorite scene of this episode relates to guilt. While Shuu always makes an effort to say “Please excuse me!” when he pulls a void from someone, he openly admits his guilt about it to Hare, Souta, Arisa, Yahiro, and Kusama.

Shuu apologizes for peaking into their hearts without their permission.

Shuu bucks up, even with his guilt, and stops trying so hard to be Gai and instead faces his own feelings and thoughts on things and acts on them, just like he did the first episode. If you recall, Shuu told himself in the first episode “Come on, Shuu! Do something that’s not like you for a change.” But in truth, I think he was doing something like himself, he just didn’t know it. And I hope, even if it’s just a little, that he realizes what he’s accomplished by being himself and not someone else.

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