The Thirteenth Day of Christmas Anime…er, Manga: Mari and Santa

Mari and Santa

The Christmas Story
It’s almost Christmas, but Santa is in a pickle.  You see, the Santa in charge of Japan is a young apprentice who is inexperienced and…isn’t good with kids.  So how will he deal with a 4-year-old girl named Mari who takes him and his injured reindeer in on Christmas Eve?

Ah…a bishie Santa.  Interesting.

Even more interesting is how this one shot goes the opposite direction of another story about Santa Claus, Ken Akamatsu’s My Santa.  Very clean and focused on the Aisheteruze Baby model of “teenage boy takes care of young girl,” the story focuses on a Santa that is trying to cheer up a depressed four year old.  It’s touching and certainly a wonderful little story to end the 12 Days of Christmas Anime series of posts.

Christmas Spirit Score

3 Santa Kero’s out of 4

If This Episode Was  a Christmas Song, It Would Be…

“All I Really Want for Christmas” – Though Mari isn’t an orphan, you’ll understand why I selected these lyrics if you read the manga:

I didn’t come and talk to you ’cause that’s never worked before
And you’ll probably never see this letter, anyway
But just in case there’s something you can do to help me out
I’ll ask you one more time

All I really want for Christmas is someone to tuck me in
A shoulder to cry on if I lose, shoulders to ride on if I win
There’s so much I could ask for, but there’s just one thing I need
All I really want for Christmas is a family

On the thirteenth day of Christmas, anime gave to me
Azmaria’s first Christmas,
a gynoid giving gifts,
nostalgic Christmas parties,
Ami and Taiga singing,
love changing a boy into a man,
three homeless heroes,
a widow knitting scarves,
Rin’s charming grins,
Naru looking pretty,
knitting for a crush,
a Paper Sisters birthday,
and friends for a former emperor.

2 thoughts on “The Thirteenth Day of Christmas Anime…er, Manga: Mari and Santa

  1. Just came across your blog, (I’m a big fan of R.O.D.) and wondered if you’d seen the Christmas episode of Those Who Hunt Elves, it is a lesser known show but is sweet even for someone who has a low shmaltz tolerance like myself.

  2. I have NOT seen it, but I do know the show. I’ll definitely try to remember to check it out for next year. Thanks for the rec!

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