Pain, Prayers, and Posts

I was hoping to put the finishing touches on the latest post in the Fruits of the Spirit series, which was supposed to go up today. But lying here in a hospital bed, I’m thinking the series may have to wait until next week to be continued.

Without going into too much detail, a lingering problem led me to get an MRI, which revealed something unexpected and alarming. For the short term, I’m avoiding a risky surgery, but I remain hospitalized. I do expect to go home tonight, after about two days in the hospital.

To those readers of the blog who are Christian, I solicit your prayers in the following areas:

  • Pray that my family finds peace during this time. My wife is stressed out and my two children are very young.
  • Pray that God may heal my body (I have an artery issue in my neck).
  • Pray that our family will be able to weather the expenses of this visit financially. Medical costs are very expensive and to top it off, we just paid for major repairs on my car.
  • Pray for strength and resolve on my part. Besides physical strength, I feel the burden of lost work time, family support, and aforementioned finances. And on a lesser note, I’ll be giving myself injections for the next week and frankly, that freaks me out.

I’m thankful for the kind readership of this blog and I know your thoughts and prayers are with me. I expect my life (and the blog along with it) to return to normal, more or less, in the next week or two.