Broken Blade: The Time of Awakening

Broken Blade is a manga that started being released in 2007. I found out about it in 2009 and I am a pretty big fan of the series. Currently, there are only ten volumes of the manga released and the series is ongoing. Production I.G. and Xebec started work on the anime in 2010. The anime consists of six fifty minute movies and is licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks. This post is about the first movie. I would say that this show is a fantasy mecha anime with a hint of sci-fi. This story has a considerable amount of potential for a mecha anime, and the author weaves quite the tale about overcoming one’s destiny with the help of what people consider to be nothing but a broken blade.


The people who live in the continent Cruzon are born with the ability to manipulate quarts. This ability is called magic. They refine quarts to make them flexible so they can turn gears, power vehicles, and even fire bullets. Quarts are also refined into luminous quarts, which emit light. Both forms of quarts are used in the creation of mechs that are called Golems. These Golems are the main force of weaponry employed in the armies of all Cruzon nations. One of these nations, Krisna, has been thrown into war. The reluctant king of Krisna calls for one of his military school friends, Rygart Arrow, for help. The catch is that Rygart is an un-sorcerer. Put simply, Rygart was born without the ability to manipulate quarts.

Broken Blade

He cannot drive vehicles, turn on lights, or even shoot a gun. He was teased and picked on because of this. Rygart’s only means for survival was farming. This is one of the only jobs a un-sorcerer can do. Being born an un-sorcerer is incredibly rare. Rygart’s own father sold everything he had in order to buy a farm. Rygart’s father believed that Rygart could change his destiny. Rygart was even sent to military school in hopes that his “inner sorcerer” would awaken. This never happened, but Rygart became best friends with Hodr, Sigyn Erster, and Zess.

Broken BladeGeneral Baldr, who was sent to pick up Rygart, finds him in the desert walking to the capital. However, Rygart collapses just before the General gets to him. They then head off to the capital where King Hodris is waiting. Broken BladeAfter a quick reunion with Queen Sigyn, who is wondering why Rygart didn’t come to her and Hodr’s wedding, Rygart is lead to meet King Hodr. Broken BladeHe is then informed about the war that has started. Rygart thanks Hodr and starts to head off, but Hodr asks for Rygart’s help. Rygart becomes totally confused since he can’t do anything since he is an un-sorcerer. Broken BladeKing Hodr then takes Rygart to a quarts mine, were the military of Krisna had found what they are calling an under Golem, called the Delphine. It is buried in quarts and is estimated to be at least a thousand years old. The man inside, the ancient, does not show any signs that he can use quarts, so Hodr asks Rygart if he could help them study this new model. They then have a discussion on why they are fighting this war. Both Hodr and Rygart don’t want war, but one of the terms of surrender states that all members of the royal family would be killed off. Neither men would stand for that, and they agree to fight. Suddenly, a siren goes off from the capital, enemy units are approaching. Broken BladeThe platform they are standing collapses and Rygart is forced to take shelter inside the Delphine. Hodr escapes to the surface and ends up in the sights of an enemy unit. Broken BladeRygart accidently turns on the Delphine and cause it to jump out of the quarts mine, saving Hodr.Broken BladeThen Rygart is forced to battle the enemy unit without any weapons and without knowing how to operate the Delphine.Broken Blade They battle it out. Rygart knocks out the other pilot. Broken BladeRygart gets a sword, but then Zess shows up in an Athens golem. Zess easily defeats the Rygart in battle. Zess gets ready to kill Rygart, while knowning that Rygart couldn’t possibly be piloting a golem. Then suddenly, General Baldr arrives with reinforcements. Broken BladeRygart is saved, and Zess is forced to withdraw.

The Delphine is then taken back to the capital to be studied. Rygart talks to Queen Sigyn about what happened. Later, the enemy attacks again and Rygart decides to go talk to Zess in order to settle this whole miss understanding. Then the first episode ends.Broken Blade


I loved this manga and waited for so long for the anime to be made. This series has so much potential for a mecha. I love the depth of creativity and meaning in the story. It is a story about rising above where you came from. This series does have some fan service with Queen Sigyn, who really doesn’t need to where a see through top in her quarters.

Overall, this was a really good episode. I love the art style; it isn’t super original, but the amount of detail is very true to the manga. The music fits nicely. And the story is quite good.

The main reason I wanted to do this as my first series of posts is that this anime brings up a lot of tough questions and situations. For instance, if you were given the option to fight for a friend would you, even if it could cost you everything? It is one thing to say yes, but it is an entirely different thing to do it.


5 thoughts on “Broken Blade: The Time of Awakening

  1. Broken Blade was such a huge surprise to me since I have never been a fan of mecha. I really do wish, however, that there was more of an ending, since I left feeling very unsatisfied. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the following films!

    1. I can relate. The ending was not near as good as it could have been. I think part of that is because the anime follows the manga pretty well, but in the almost 5 years the manga has been going, only 10 volumes have come out. The manga currently doesn’t have an ending yet. I am really hoping that once the manga finishes, they remake, or add on to the current anime.

    1. I really like it because it is different. It is a completely different take on mecha anime as far as setting. The quality of art and music also lend really well to the anime. The biggest issue in my opinion is that the series is to short.

      1. I finished it a few days ago – I’m so glad you recommended it and that I watched it. It certainly lends itself to a sequel and I hope there’ll be one!

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