Ninja Training…or, Retreating from the World

When ninja characters, like Naruto, “power-up,” they often do so after an extended time away from their typical world.  There’s simply something about being able to be away from the hustle and bustle and focus one one thing for an extended period of time.  No distractions, no stress, just you, nature, and your mission.

Besides for building awesome ninja skills, retreats can be great spiritually.  If you open your heart, the time can be great for spiritual growth.

This weekend, I”m headed on a retreat with my family.  It isn’t solitary, like it can be for many, but rather one with my church.  I’m excited not only for me, for the opportunity my family will have to grow closer to God.

But even if you don’t have such an opportunity where you are, consider the purpose of a retreat (at least in terms of Christianity) – to grow in your faith.  When I get home, I need to put the lessons I learned into practice, and there’s no better practice in this faith to have than to pray.

If you’re a Christian, how has your prayer life been?  Perhaps you can take this time to pray and try to commit to doing it more often (I know this is something I need to do).

If you’re not a Christian, perhaps you can take this time to pray to the unknown God, asking Him if He’ll reveal Himself to you.  You may be surprised.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone (and a great Spring Break for those of you about to take one)!

10 thoughts on “Ninja Training…or, Retreating from the World

  1. Good luck at powering up throughout your break :).

    Leaving your usual place, connections and duties behind in order to devote yourself fully to one thing certainly seems to be an important social practice, be it for spiritual retreats, anime conventions or anything else.

    Too bad that we don’t get any spring break here, though xD.

    1. No spring break? Aww…not that I get a spring break anymore myself (it’s been a quite a long while now). Where are you at again?

      I like the comparison to anime conventions. Charles at Anime Study did a post on the relation between cons and religious pilgrimages, which was really compelling.

  2. I think him of him laying back and resting on Mt. Myokobu in the hidden Toad village.. In my mind it’s always a very peaceful time. His training is on how to be still and must use “meditation” to absorb and store up chakra in order to go into Sage mode. Our drawning on our relationship with Christ through Solitude, in order to build strength and replenish seems a bit of a parallel.. .. In my own writing endeavors I have envisioned a solar energy base race that draws strength from the sun through basking, specifically in meditation…

    1. Interesting images. Definitely, I was thinking of the toad village while I was writing up the post. Thanks for the always thoughtful comments!

  3. Good analogy. I don’t know why I never compared ninja “power up” retreats to faith-based retreats. It makes sense. Made me think of how Jesus sometimes retreated from the crowds for his prayer time.

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