A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

A year ago…I thought Sousuke Aizen was the devil

…I began the aniblogger testimony project, which brought people of all faiths together to talk about spirituality, including a certain blogger who would eventually join Beneath the Tangles…

…and I was able to interview Christian singer and confessed anime dubber, Cait Plage.

Aizen Bleach
Art by カオル

A year ago…I responded to the Angry Otaku, who wrote that what I do on this blog just doesn’t work…

…and I reviewed the Jesus short anime film for the first time.  I would do it again in 2012 and might refer to it another time around Easter of this year…

A year ago…One of the most devastating earthquakes in modern history struck Japan, and our friend, missionary (and anime fan) Yuki-Anne, was there experiencing it and then helping to aid the victims.

Image from CNN

“A Year Ago” is a regular series on Beneath the Tangles which links to posts from the site written around this date last year.


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8 thoughts on “A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

  1. A year ago doesn’t seem so long ago. I remember all of those posts to some degree, and it doesn’t seem like it’s been more than a few months for some of them.

    1. As is often the case, it seems like so long ago, yet not long at all for a lot of these posts. I remember the aniblogger posts, likes yours, particularly well, since they’re so important to me.

  2. A year ago… Well, tbh, I can’t exactly remember what I was doing. A moment ago, however, I followed some links and now have the urge to try soy sauce on ice cream. Anyway, guess I’d better end this spam-like mini-ramble by adding a generic-sounding but heart felt,

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks!

      And if you try that concoction, let me know how it tastes. Although I have soy sauce and ice cream in the house, I’m not at all tempted to top one with the other. 😛

  3. A Year Ago I found this site 😀
    If someone had told me I would eventually co-blog here, my mind would have been blown O_o

    1. But I’m glad you now are!!!

      Actually, a year ago I had no inkling that I’d be adding co-bloggers, and darn good ones at that!

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