Passion Week, Day 1: Loving You for Who You Are – Araragi and Senjougahara

Ever loved someone so much it hurts?

Well, be glad that your hurt was probably only emotional and not physical pain, say, like taking a staple to the cheek.

In Bakemonogatari (and further in Nisemonogatari), Koyomi Araragi has various supernatural adventures concerning a number of girls.  However, it is the first girl that remains the most important to him throughout.  Beaten down by her condition to the point to which she becomes cold, aloof, and yes, psychotic, Hitagi Senjougahara is unable to trust others and responds to people with bitter words and violent actions.

Araragi and Senjogahara
Art by 香坂

Even after Araragi helps save her and she is able to break out of her shell a bit, Senjougahara retains her sharp words and violent ways (this is certainly part of what endears her to us).  Araragi takes it with a grain of salt, but he can’t live like this forever, can he?  Senjougahara’s cut-throat banter and the danger she exudes may excite certain individuals, but the pain (emotionally and physically) will eventually take it’s toll.  Put in a similar situation (if scaled-back in light of reality), I think most guys would eventually say, “Forget it.  I’m out of here.”

Even if she’s hot.

And it’s these deep flaws in Senjougahara that show how Araragi loves her for who she is.  I won’t claim that he is a bastion of faithfulness (particularly in Nisemonotagari), but one thing Araragi does exceedingly well is to stand by Senjougahara, warts and all.  He loves her for who she is – the past her, who is hurt the point of not trusting anyone, and the present, who still deals with the repercussions.

Have you ever been loved by someone when you felt no one could rescue you?  Have you ever loved someone who felt they couldn’t be rescued?


Note: This is one in a series of posts this Passion Week which examines anime relationships in which one person loves the other for who they are.  On Easter Sunday, we’ll make the connection to God’s similar love for us.

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