Hello, Aniblog Tourney! Goodbye, Pride!

Man, I love tournaments.  I fondly remember the Street Fighter 2 tournaments I played in as a kid against the other Korean kids at church (and subsequently lost in the first round – Dhaslim, why must you always let me down!) and in college, playing in Madden tournaments (and getting blown out).  And every year, I fill out brackets for the NCAA basketball tournament and…do really badly.

Hmm…is there a pattern developing here?

Despite my poor track record, my thoughts when it came to the Aniblog Tourney were quite…optimistic:

  • Maybe we’ll get a high seed!
  • We should make it through the first round easily (note: this was before the brackets were released)
  • Maybe we can be this tourney’s Listless Ink and go deep into the tourney
  • We’ll be getting a bunch of new subscribers!

And this is from someone who just wrote about being humble. -_-‘

It's okay, little blogger - after all, how could you expect to compete with psgels? (Art by 黒子と白子)

This all reminds me of anime villains.  Though sometimes ridiculously over the top, they often don’t realize they’re being prideful; they’re just doing their thing.  For me, I got a bit caught up in the excitement and hubris took over.

I get knocked back down to earth when I think of how small I am (in all ways) in relation to God.  For this tourney, it helped me to look through the brackets and see how many fabulous blogs there were, including my opponent, The Notaku Blog, which has a bustling community of dedicated readers (and why not – Notaku is a terrific writer!).

By the way, the little discussion above – this is what our blog is all about.  We talk anime and make connections between series and Christianity.  But we’re not necessarily all about saying “Rukia is like John the Baptist because…” (although we sometimes do that).  Our writers discuss themes that are not necessarily unique to Christianity, but which are significant in the faith – ideas like grace, love, redemption, sin, patience, life, death, and pain.  These are things we can all relate to.

And so, if you’re visiting for the first time, I invite you to have a look around.  Check out the blog – it’s about Christianity, but not all of our readers are Christians; in fact, I don’t generally write for Christians.  I just write for you, the anime fan.

Here are some favorite posts you might want to visit:

If you like the blog, consider voting for us – and more importantly, come back and visit!  And by all means, visit The Notaku Blog and check out the fabulous things Notaku is doing.

25 thoughts on “Hello, Aniblog Tourney! Goodbye, Pride!

  1. Huh, this is the first I’ve heard of this Aniblog thing, looks interesting. Man, I had no idea there were so many anime blogs out there with content that is solely “here’s a summary of this episode of this show and two sentenses of what I think about it.”

    1. Yeah, a lot of aniblogs do that. I think that maybe, that’s what most readers want. And there are many, many, many more that didn’t even make the tourney.

      Luckily, there are a few aniblogs in the tournament that do that in a really interesting/humorous/smart fashion that make them wonderful sites to visit.

    1. Absolutely! Actually, I wrote a little article for another sight in which I mentioned your blog as one I hoped would be asked to join, but it never ended up being posted.

      I would definitely submit my blog to Anime Nano, which is the site that the organizers used to find blogs to enter. It’ll also help you get some additional hits.

    1. Thank you, Anime Kritik (which I say in a heavy German accent). That’s funny, because it’s often pronounced “Tweek” by my co-workers – starting tomorrow, I’ll demand they pronounce my name “Towowok.”

  2. One can be relatively humble and still pretty much shameless, as I recently discovered :3

    I’m more of a lurker here, but I enjoy reading you, and you have my vote (and my axe… etc). Best of luck!

    1. Shameless humility…I like it.

      And thanks for the vote! I voted for you as well – I’m always amazed at the balance you achieve between a fun and almost scholarly voice in your writing.

  3. I unconscioussly voted for you already and I’ve just realized that I didn’t even check out Notaku. I’ll that later, I suppose. >_<

  4. Wow, this is the first time I’ve taken a look at your blog before, (terrible, I know!) and I love what you’re trying to do here, connect series to Christianity. That’s something that definitely interests me, as a Christian, (albeit a little unorthodox one) myself. You’ve got my vote!

    1. Well, welcome! And thank you! I hope we’ll have some more to chat about as the weeks fly by. I’d love to hear your commentary coming from an angle that’s a bit different from my own.

      1. I don’t know man, I’m up against some real competition here. May take somewhat of a biblical miracle to get as close as that. It will be fun seeing how it all goes down though!

        1. There’s been a lot of criticism in regards to the low quality of these blogs…but I’ve found quite the opposite. Almost every vote in the first round has been a tough one for me!

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