A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

Art by 梅田いるか

A year ago…we celebrated passion week with a series on everyone’s favorite cross-gun-wielding priest, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, examining his role versus Vash’s, diving into a terrific fanfic exploring his faith, and pondering about Yasuhiro Nightow’s personal faith.

A year ago…guest writers graciously continued to contribute to the Aniblogger Testimony project, including a blogger whose personal belief involves ghost worship, Buddhism, and science

…a manga reviewer who is an Orthodox Christian

…a Christian who has suffered through many personal struggles

…and an atheist.

Chihiro and Haku
Art by hitsu

A year agoPuella Magi Madoka Magica came to its conclusion, and we linked to the plethora of posts mentioning the spiritual elements of the finale and to 2DT’s in particular.  I also wrote about Christian connections in the show, specifically in episode 7 and the final one.

A year ago…I interviewed a graduate student in Harvard who has written extensively on spirituality in Miyazaki films

…and also a pastor whose anime review site has become an imminent one on the Internet.

A year ago…a frequent contributor (now co-blogger) posted one of his best writings, a piece on Saint Seiya

…and I posted one of our most popular ones, on AnoHana.

AnoHana Menma
Art by のぞみ

“A Year Ago” is a regular series on Beneath the Tangles which links to posts from the site written around this date last year.


9 thoughts on “A Year Ago on Beneath the Tangles

  1. And a year later, I and the other Saint Seiya fans are enjoying Saint Seiya Omega, the first new-from-scratch Saint Seiya series since the show aired in 1986. 😀

      1. It has just enough of the old-school flavor to draw us hardcore fans in, while just enough that is new to give that “different yet somehow the same” feeling. Some of the new stuff works, some not so much. But old Saint Seiya fans never die: we just run out of cosmos. 😉

        Kimi wa kosumo wo kanjita koto ga aru ka? 😀

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I wish other blogs would do similar posts, because I’m sure like mine, many have postings that weren’t well read because they went up before those blogs had any type of sizable audience.

  2. I should mention that having my story featured on your blog last year helped inspire me to write more “spiritual” material for Trigun, so I owe you a thank you for that! 😀

    1. Oh really? I haven’t been to your page (or fanfiction.net in general) for a very long time – I’ll have go check out your new work.

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