Aniblog Tourney: Categorically Religious

Welcome, Aniblog Tourney voters!

For those who have visited before, you know our writers examine anime through a Christian perspective.  While new readers might now be thinking, “Vote for anybody else but these guys,” I want to emphasize that while our faith is part and parcel to who we are, that doesn’t mean we’re here to thump you over the heads with our King James bibles; instead, we hope to explore themes in anime which are fundamental to our faith, while also creating a community that is open to readers of all beliefs.

If you want to get a better grasp on what this all means when it comes to posts, I suggest you visit the post I wrote for our last round.

Otherwise, here are the types of articles we post at the Beneath the Tangles:


This is the heart the blog – the posts which examine ideas like sacrifice, grace, character, faith, and love.

Special Projects/Series

Several times a year, we’ll work on a series of posts relating to specific idea or project.  Past (and open) series include “Aniblogger Testimonies,” guest posts about anime and personal faith; “Fruits of the Spirit,” discussing the biblical “fruits” and characters that project these characteristics; and Passion Week posts, in which we spend the entire week leading up to Easter focusing on one particular subject.


When I first started the blog, I intended to do a character (anime) to character (biblical) comparison each week.  I immediately dropped that idea, but still enjoying making such comparisons from time to time.


Of course, religion is central to this blog.  We don’t only talk Christianese, however.  Each week, I post links to blog posts involving spirituality.  I also occasionally discuss religion in Japan:

Reviews, Interview, and Miscellany

Finally, we also post more traditional fare, like reviews and interviews.  We also don’t limit ourselves and have fun with “special posts” from time to time.

Also, for frequent readers, I hope you’ll check out the “competition” this round.  I read each of these blogs and they are all terrific.  Between the four of us, I think we really cover the gamut – a range of blogs, all quite different from one another:

My Sword is Unbelievably Dull*

Caraniel’s Ramblings

Subdued Fangirling

* Digibro of My Sword is Unbelievably Dull was the very first commenter on this blog, providing me with much needed encouragement two long years ago.  I’ll always be thankful for his graciousness.


6 thoughts on “Aniblog Tourney: Categorically Religious

  1. Of course we don’t thump ’em over the head with our King James Bibles. I, for one, plan to use the New American Standard Version. 😀

  2. I have to say, I’m really impressed at how easily this blog won me over. I knew within just a few minutes of looking through it and reading one post that is was a keeper. It really is full of a lot of great content, and it’s more than just religion. It’s in the *anime* blog tourney, after all. Just to bolster TWWK’s statement. Really, he’s not making this up.

    When I saw the round 3 poll, I knew right away that this blog would be one of the ones to get my vote. Keep up the good work, all!

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