Welcome Our Newest Blogger, Hansha!

Faithful readers of this blog may have noticed that in recent weeks, a new writer has started posting pieces on the site (check out her articles on Princess Jellyfish, Hell Girl,and Naruto).  Although we’re packed full of bloggers here, I couldn’t deny the application from Hansha, a professional journalist who is a terrific writer.  We’re blessed to have her join the team!

To commemorate, here’s a little Q&A to help you get to know Hansha a little better (also check out the same form filled out by R86, Goldy, Murasaki Lynna, and Zeroe4)

TWWK: How did you become a fan of anime?

Hansha: I saw Sailor Moon when I was little. That was also the first manga I read. I thought the art style was so beautiful and so different from normal cartoons and comics. Then, I started watching Robotech, Outlaw Star, DBZ and other ones that came on Cartoon Network.

TWWK: What are your favorite types or genres of anime? How about favorite shows?

Hansha: I don’t really have a favorite type as long as it’s a well done story with believable characters. Although, good characters can make up for a mediocre storyline.

 TWWK: But hey, you’re more than just an anime blogger. What do you do in “real life”?

Hansha: I work at a weekly newspaper in Georgia.

TWWK: How about other interests?

Hansha: I really enjoy doing arts and crafts projects for cos-play and I would like to learn how to sew so I can start making my own costumes. I like video games, particularly RPGs. I used to be in drama club in school and really wish I had an opportunity to be in a play again. And, of course, I love writing.

TWWK: The theme of this blog is unique since it revolves around Christian spirituality. Could you give us the short testimony about how you came to this faith?

Hansha: I grew up in the church, but I didn’t have any genuine faith in Christ until I was in college. When I started, a lot of girls on my dorm hall were Christians and I started talking to one of them one night. She started talking about how much God loved us, how he was interested in everything about us and enjoyed even watching us sleep (like a parent watches a child, not like Edward Cullen watches Bella.) I had once heard that God loved us 100 times more than any human ever could. I had just gotten dumped by my boyfriend and was taking it hard, but that made me think. If I loved my boyfriend this much, and God loved me vastly more than that, then that was amazing. After that, I got really interested in this God who apparently cared so much about me. Through reading the bible I began to understand that Jesus WAS that God that loved me so much and what his death meant. I’ve been growing with ups and downs since then.

TWWK: And finally, on a less serious note, let’s end on some fill-in-the-blank!

If I were Haruhi Suzumiya, I would…

Make everyone in the school play out one entire day as if they were in a musical….just one day.

Mecha anime are…

 varied, but all ultimately jealous of Gundam Wing.

K-On! is so…

not sure because I haven’t watched it, but It looks like a show that could be fun if you don’t take it seriously.

My life would be incomplete if I’d never seen…

Fruits Basket. There are so many characteristics in Tohru Honda that I wish I had more strongly in my own personality.

My favorite thing/character/setting to draw is…

 If I had any talent for drawing, people. People are forever-changing and endlessly entertaining.

My soul reaper bankai would, of course, be called….


and its power, most naturally, would be to…

Make dozens of clones of me so I could be in dozens of places at once.

7 thoughts on “Welcome Our Newest Blogger, Hansha!

  1. Welcome Hansha! Glad to have you joining this team on a long term basis, I look forward to reading your content 😀

    Loved your Hell Girl post by the way. Prompted me to start watching it even!

  2. This is a bit late, but a very warm welcome to Tangles team, Hansha! *gives the secret handshake*
    I can’t wait to read more of your posts. 😀

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