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Welcome, readers of Star Crossed Anime Blog!

Your favorite read is competing against mine during this round of the Aniblog Tourney.  Of course I use the term “competing” loosely. -_-‘

I want to encourage you all to take a break, sip your beverage of choice, and browse through this blog.  It’s summertime – where’ve you to go anyway?  Spend a few minutes to look at the unique content of a sites that dives into anime from a Christian perspective.

Wait.  Don’t close that window!

While all the writers here are outspoken Christians, one important goal of this site to create an atmosphere that is friendly and open.  Westboro Digital Church, we ain’t.  We hope to promote discussion and understanding as we examine at ideas like grace, sacrifice, hope, and greed in anime and manga, old and new.

Look, I’ll even make it easy on you.  Here are five posts that’ll give you a good idea of what we do:

I hope you’re captivated.  Heck, I know you are! 😛

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