Blogger Interrogation Episode III: Revenge of the Aniblogger

I’ve been tagged again (two more times, in fact!).  This will most definitely be my final post in this game (though it’s been a lot of fun).  For the sake of brevity, I’ll simply link to the rules here.

Questions: Set 1

Here are my first set of answers, for the questions posed by Annoying Dragon:

1. If you could pick a book/anime to have with you on a desert island, what would it be?

I would definitely bring the Bible for spiritual nourishment.  As for anime…I think I might take Toradora!, as it’s one of a just a few series that I can watch that series over and over and over again.

2. What book/anime universe would you like to live in?

Sword Art Online‘s universe is really appealing to me right now.  I’m not into such games, but the “real life” of it all seems a lot more interesting than the gaming aspect.

3. Who is your fictional soulmate?

Hmm…soulmate?  Interesting question.  I wonder how to define that word.  My wife is my “soulmate,” though she and I are compliments in action rather than the “madly in love” or “we complete each others’ sentences” types.

If I’m thinking of someone who is like my wife, I think that Rakka from Haibane Renmei is very close to her in terms of personality, attitude, and even looks.

4. Why do you like anime and what are some aspects of anime that you could do without?

I’m able to invest in the characters in anime more than in any other medium.  I connect with them at a very personal level.  Through the years, this has remained the same.

And I could do without fanservice.  😛

5. And because I am really curious and sometimes a bit strange, what’s your favourite food?

My favorite kind of food is Korean – I grew up with it and still love it to this day.  But my favorite single dish is simply a tasty slice of pizza.

Questions: Set 2

And now, responses to questions posed by John Samuel:

1. Come up with a cryptic but accurate description for an anime and see how many people can guess which show it is. Ideally the show should be better than it sounds.

A forgetful boy returns to an adopted home.  He meets a girl with a speech impediment who is also a kleptomaniac.  Of course, he falls in love with her.  Also, there’s snow.

2. What is the one thing about a show most likely to make you flee in terror screaming “My eyes! My eyes!”

Fanservice featuring underage character.  DISGUSTING.

3. Name a show where the opening is the only good thing about it

Elfen Lied has an intriguing opening…

4.Favourite Pokemon

Oooh, I already did this one.  I’ll copy and paste my earlier answer:

Since I haven’t watched that much Pokemon (showing my age), I had to do a little research.  And my conclusion?  Darkrai sounds pretty cool:

Darkrai possibly feeds off dreams…


5. Favourite Dub

I was “raised” on dubs and have a number that I really treasure.  My favorites are those for Tenchi Muyo!, Princess Mononoke, and Cowboy Bebop.

Questions: Set 3

And just for a round number, I’ll include Pooh-chii’s questions, which were proposed for anyone to answer.

1. Which of my blogging projects would you like to see me consistently post about more often? If none is there a blog project you would like to see me pick up? Or can you suggest me an anime. ANYTHING. And maybe you’ll see a review of it on here!

I love cooking posts (Marina does a great job with these), so I’d like to see Pooh-chii add more posts to her Cooking With Oshii Anime series.

2. If you could have any mecha from any anime which one would it be and what would you use it for?

I’m not much into mecha series, but I do remember liking the ones from Broken Blade.  Maybe I’ll take the main one in that show and go jump around in it.  Then I’d go over to Syria and do what the rest of the world is unwilling to.

3. What is the best show that you haven’t watched yet?

The Kara no Kyoukai series of movies remains on my watch list.  I think this might be it.

4. People need to advance further in the universe. Do you wish to go into SPACE or under the sea?

I just saw an episode of Planet Earth about caves and how unexplored and amazing they are (many are underwater).  Very cool.  Still…as with any boy, I think, I still dream of space exploration.

5. What is the worst thing to have happened in your favourite anime for you?

I’m sure there’s something worse that I can’t remember, but Hiroko Asahina’s fate in RahXephon pretty much stuck a dagger in me.

Questions: Set 4 (Late Addition)

And one more set – Yippy of Sekijitsu and YakiSushi asked me to answer as well!

1. Why are you still into anime/manga after all these year(s)? What keeps you interested in this mode of entertainment?

I guess there are a few reasons.  One is that I simply find it more entertaining than almost all television shows and most films I watch.  And as I mentioned in a question above, I connect with the characters in many anime – and I like the feeling I get from that.  And finally, there’s no doubt I’m motivated to watch because I blog – the community at this site (and in the greater blogosphere) encourages me to continue watching.

2) If you could only visit/revisit one anime/manga series before you er…kick the bucket, what would it be? *(Wildcard-tell something interesting about yourself)*

I think I would need to revisit something life affirming – for all the things I disliked about the series (mostly the first half of After Story), I might picked Clannad.

* I’m not a people person.  It sucks the energy right out of me when I feel I “have to be on,” which is quite frequently at work.  I’m supposed to sit down for a meeting with the governor of Texas this week, and I’m dreading it.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m interesting in meeting him, but having to be on for 30 minutes…ugh.

3. Who is your idol in the animanga industry? Be it a visionary director, a skilled seiyuu or even an animator, who is it?

Easy – Hayao Miyazaki.  I admire his artistry and his stories, as well as all the positive elements in his films.

4. If you could have a chat with any fictional animanga character, who would it be?

Osaka from Azumanga Daioh maybe?  I just think it’s be hilarious to sit and speak with her!

5. What’s the most important advice you’d give to a person who’s interested in writing as an aniblogger?

Be patient.  Almost any goal you want to achieve (and you should think about your goal as you go in – is it to be read?  To just get your thoughts down?  Something else?) takes time.  You can’t expect immediate results (though you get lucky and see them).  Learn, adjust, and apply as you go along.

And that’s it!  No more questions from me this time.  It’s been a fun series of posts – thanks to Iso for creating it!


24 thoughts on “Blogger Interrogation Episode III: Revenge of the Aniblogger

  1. I didn’t actually expect you to answer those questions. 🙂

    As for your number 1 I have no real idea which anime that is, but it sounds like a Makoto Shinkai, possibly “5cm Per Second” or “The Place Promised in Our Early Days”.

    1. I had to…those were good questions!

      And good guesses for the anime…the correct response, though, is given in the comments below.

        1. Do you like Key anime? If you do, I think Kanon is the best of all of them (though I’m in the minority). At the least, it’s much better than Air.

          Also, no fanservice (or barely any). 🙂

          1. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything by Key. The only studio I’ve been really noticing recently is PA Works for Hanasaku Iroha (which I loved) and Tari Tari (which is continuing to impress this season)

            1. Key is a visual novel company – most of their works have been animated by Kyoto Animation (Air, Kanon, Clannad), though their last one was animated by PA Works (Angel Beats!). A new Key adaptation is also coming out in the fall (Little Busters).

  2. I have sitting on our shelves most of the animes you’ve mentioned here… but I’ve completely forgotten most of the stories. What happened to Hiroko Asahaina ? I remember liking Rahxephon very much. I think we have 2 box sets of this anime. One of these days, I’ll give you a list of what we have, and you tell me what you like best and I’ll try to rewatch it, lol.

    1. I find myself forgetting a lot of my series as well. I’ve sold off most of the series that I’m lukewarm about.

      Asahina is Kamina’s girl friend from Tokyo Jupiter. She runs away with Kamina, but she becomes bound to a dolem and Kamina destroys the dolem, thus, killing her as well.

      1. Oh, and yes, that would be fun!

        Oh, and do you know about Reverse Thieves’ Secret Santa contest? Bloggers pick series for others to watch (secretly of course) and then we have to review the series. It’s fun – you should think about participating this year!

  3. “A forgetful boy returns to an adopted home. He meets a girl with a speech impediment who is also a kleptomaniac. Of course, he falls in love with her. Also, there’s snow.”

    Kanon. Definitely Kanon.

  4. Your response to John Samuel’s number one question made me laugh: I forgot Ayu from Kanon has a penchant for stealing taiyaki. And I totally agree with you that most anime could really do without fanservice – it gets tiresome and offensive after awhile. This isn’t just because fanservice is sexist but because it assumes the audience would prefer panty shots to deeper plots.

    1. Fanservice is so common that it jumps out at me when a series features little or none at all!

      And oh yes, she’s a little thief. She’s also possibly my favorite anime character of all time.

    2. This isn’t just because fanservice is sexist but because it assumes the audience would prefer panty shots to deeper plots.

      Quoted for truth, and for being possibly the best expression of my own disdain for fanservice that I have seen in a long time.

  5. I’m curious, what do you not like about the first half of After Story? I’m rewatching the whole series at the moment and while it’s definitely not as good as the second half, I thought it was great as well.

  6. First, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate it. =) Unfortunately, I didn’t know that you were getting 3 other sets at the same time, so apologies for that. =_=”

    I know how you feel with being ‘on’. I dislike having to run on reserves, especially if I have to deal with others. I like my ‘me’ time as well.

    Anyway, I’ve heard only good things about Azumanga Daioh. Will give it a try soon just to see what the fuss is about.

    Thanks for the advice there. I needed that, especially since I’m such an impatient person when it comes to long-term goals and projects.

    Well, good luck with your meeting!

  7. 4. If you could have a chat with any fictional animanga character, who would it be?

    Osaka from Azumanga Daioh maybe? I just think it’s be hilarious to sit and speak with her!

    Dude…YOU TOO?!?!

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