And the Winner of the Haibane Renmei DVD Set Is…

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Haibane Renmei DVD giveaway contest!  I appreciated all the promotion, follows, and especially the wonderful comments.

I gave numbered “digital tickets” to the entrants based on when each person entered.  The first tickets (starting at 001) went to readers who subscribed by email prior to the contest and the last went to the final tweeters and others right before the deadline.  There were a total of 301 tickets in the raffle.

I used an app to randomly select three tickets – the winner and two alternates in case the winner refused the prize.  A good thing, too, because the winner did decline!

The first runner-up, then, receives the prize.  Congratulations, Geetah, who gave the word, “calculate,” as his haibane name.

And thank you to everyone for entering!


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