Reader’s Selection: Vote for the Series That Goldy, Lynna, Zeroe4, and TWWK Blog Next

As Akira mentioned in his swan song post, a wonderful part of anime is the community that can evolve around it.  As the community here at Beneath the Tangles discusses anime (and through the larger aniblogosphere and anime communities), recommendations are bound to come out.  For instance, I think R86 and I both have been happy to discover series we’ve enjoyed due to the other’s recs.

We’re also grateful for all the recommendations that readers have given to us on this blog.  Since we fit into such a specific niche, it’s helpful to hear about series that might fit into our style and theme.  In fact, many of you gave wonderful suggestions of series to watch when we posed the question a few weeks ago.

And so, it’s time to act upon your recommendations.  Goldy, Lynna, Zeroe4, and I are ready to plunge into series we haven’t seen (or have barely started) before.  You tell us what we should watch and then blog about.

The poll below contains a lot of the recs that you provided or that we’ve otherwise heard over the years.  Vote for the series you’d most like us to watch and cover.  The bloggers will take the top few results and determine which we each want to dive in to.

The poll closes one week from today, so go on – vote!  Tell us what to do – we need some direction in our anime viewing lives.

37 thoughts on “Reader’s Selection: Vote for the Series That Goldy, Lynna, Zeroe4, and TWWK Blog Next

    1. I think I watched like the first 5 episodes of Umineko and each episode was one “lolwut” after the next. Though, while it would make some entertainment value, I don’t think I could stand the ED much more (“Oooh dessiiiiiiireeeee”).
      Back when it first came out, we’d fondly refer to it as “When the sea kittens cry”.

  1. If you do do Umineko, go for the Visual Novel. The anime tries to compress everything in the VN into anime format and it doesn’t really work out too well.

      1. The manga adaptation is probably the most efficient route to go, time-wised. If you insist for something in anime form, you’ll probably want to check its spiritual predecessor, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, instead. Unlike Umineko, the anime adaptation is able to stand on its own – unlike Umineko in which you can’t really figure it out what is really going on since they cut so many details/ hints/ clues.

        Speaking of manga, have you checked [High Score Girl] by Oshikiri Rensuke? The art style is probably weird for a comedy (looks like the author is from horror camp), but I believe it will hit a spot for a guy who is attracted to SAO because of Kirito-Asuna relationship 😀


        Haven’t found this in English, but the Japanese is pretty tame in this one. I’m sure you can handle it.

        Oh, and it’s short. 😀

        1. I haven’t read the manga so I can’t comment on its quality but the music and sound is such a big part of Umineko that I don’t think it’s capable of replicating it fully. But of course, there has to be some concessions and it still could be a very good adaptation and an alternative if time is an issue.

        2. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I think we’ll need to consider all of it, because it looks like this will be one of the series we watch!

  2. I voted for Xam’d because Umineko No Naku Koro Ni was beating it I really enjoyed it. But Revolutionary Girl Utena is pulling away. I have never seen it before and would be persuadable on joining the rest of the staff in watching it. 🙂

    I keep thinking I need to see Wolf’s Rain again though….

    1. I think we’ll all be watching different shows…or maybe the same one?

      I should definitely give Wolf’s Rain another chance…I dropped it about 5 episodes in.

  3. I am so excited about watching something I didn’t deliberately choose to watch ^_^. Although I do have some ones on here that I’m hoping for more than others.

        1. Man, I very much have to side with Cajun on this one! I’m seriously believing all the Umineko votes are trolls and their votes should be switched over 😀 (the sad part is I’m only half-joking about that one >.>”)

  4. Out of all the choices, Revolutionary Girl Utena really stood out. I’m very interested in seeing how you will blog this psychologically complex and weird show–if it does win. At any rate, I’m excited to read your next series of articles.

  5. Planetes, Simoun, and a few others on your poll are excellent with a lot of meaty content to write about, but if you haven’t seen it yet, clearly RGU is the only choice here.

    1. Looks like it. The original intent was for each of us to do a different show…so we’ll we might do some others besides Utena.

  6. Heartcatch Precure! It’s bright, pink, flowery and girly. But once you look past that, the themes, the story, the character development, the morals behind each episode and the series as a whole, are truly well done. And there’s also the nostalgia of more traditional Magical Girl shows, albeit with much better and modern production values.

    Revolutionary Girl Utena seems to be highly recommended everywhere I look. I’m interested in seeing what it’s all about now.

  7. Oh whoops, WP didn’t want to post those other comments I gave with my account. (but if it’s from “goldy”, that’s me. despite the funky avatar)

    Looks like Utena has a strong lead, not that I’m surprised, it’s well worthy of it’s lead. I’ve been relectant to watch it again, but for the sake of the public, it must be done! Plus, since it’s been ten years since I watched it, I probably would have much different views on it (plus, I want to know what the rest of our blogging staff thinks about it!).

    I’m pretty happy Xam’d is getting up there in votes too. It’s definitely one I’ve been recommended a lot, and probably one that gets overlooked usually.

    Though, I don’t think anyone will die from watching “When the sea kittens cry”(I have no idea if that’s the actual translation), but the visual novel is waaaay too long and the anime is depressingly too smashed together. Though the manga might be the better option (I personally have not read it, though).

    Wolf’s Rain is a surprising one up there, though I recently saw a quote from the series that made me think about watching it again.

    I’m personally still pulling for Heartcatch Precure. \o.o/

    Keeps the votes coming everyone! I can’t wait to see the final results. 😀

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