Genshiken Nidaime, Chapter 79: All We Have is Now

Have you been paying attention to the new generation of Genshiken?  Well, you should be.  Even if you don’t particularly like the new cast, if you enjoyed the former, now is the time to catch up.


Because perhaps the climax of the entire series is about to occur – chapter 79 ends with a cliffhanger (SPOILER), as Saki and Madarame are left alone in the Genshiken clubroom, and the possibility of a confession is in the air.

Genshiken Kasukabe

I can’t believe it’s taken Madarame so long.  Scratch that – actually, maybe it would be in-character if Madarame just put off his confession forever.

Many of us have a like tendency to put things off.  Why do today what I can do later?  For some, this tardiness might be about being lazy.  But for actions that might bring pain, embarrassment, and discomfort, my guess is that among anime fans, many delay action because of fear.

Madarame may well be in that boat.  He’s been in love with Saki for years now, but is unable to tell her.  I’m sure that he’s been telling himself excuses – the most valid of which is that Saki is with Kousaka.  But in chapter 79, that last bridge seems to be burned, as Saki makes clear she is willing to hear Madarame out and Kousaka, himself, tells Madarame and he needs to stay and speak with her, as if he’s willing to let her go if that’s what she wants (which would be quite in-character of him).

And this may be Madarame’s final chance with Saki.

It’s a minor miracle that Saki showed up to visit the Genshiken members.  It’s even more miraculous that she was there at the same time as Madarame, who is frequenting the club less and less.  Soon enough, without anything more to bridge them, Saki and Madarame may no longer see each other at all.

All Madarame has is here and now.

We, too, have similar situations in our life.  They may not all involve love (though some will), but many do involve relationships.  We get the opportunity to develop relationships with others, but sometimes we decide to just stay pat, resigning to sitting in our comfort zone.  Unfortunately, these choices don’t only affect us, but potentially others, too.

Think about Hato and Keiko – without their efforting, Madarame wouldn’t even get to have this moment with Saki.  Hato is uncomfortable with it all, but he still does it almost reactively for his sempai.  And because of him, a very special, important moment is about to occur.

So what you fail to do can rob others of richness in their lives.  It’s  a short life and there’s isn’t enough time to enjoy it all, so have it!   Go meet someone new; go explain the gospel message to a friend; go volunteer at a shelter.

Whatever it is, just go.

I hope the fictional Madarame will follow my advice, if not for the sake of the story, for my shipping sanity. -_-‘


9 thoughts on “Genshiken Nidaime, Chapter 79: All We Have is Now

  1. Wait, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Genshiken, so correct me if I’m wrong. Madarame was the really geeky guy (I know, they all are) who liked Saki even though she was completely enamored with that other blonde-haired guy, yes? And they’re finally going to make this couple happen?

    1. A) Yep, that’s him – the especially geeky otaku.

      B) I hope so and I think so…but we’ll see hot it all shakes out. I don’t think it’s going to happen easily, if at all.

  2. There’s a manga out called “Spotted Flower” that has a couple that looks REMARKABLY like Madarame and Saki [If the latter didn’t dye her hair…] as a newlywed married couple expecting their first child. It was created by the same guy who drew “Genshiken”, Shimoku Kio, so you never know…your shipping sanity might very well be intact.

    As for your other levels of sanity…that remains questionable. 😛

    You know, I think I’ll take your advice! I’m going to go…and watch “Genshiken” for my review! Thanks sir!

      1. If I crack down and work on my day off Thursday, then I should be able to have the “Genshiken” review typed up, edited, and posted by either the end of the day or Friday.

        BTW, I re-read some of the chapters of “Spotted Flower” and the evidence leads me to believe that this is our Saki and Madarame, though their names are never directly mentioned.

        1. Great. Now I’ve officially added another manga to my already-too-long backlog. 😛

          Can’t wait for the review!

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