Readers’ Choice: Initial Impressions for Heartcatch Precure!

Umineko no Naku Koro ni.  Check.  Utena.  Check.  Xam’d.  Check.

Up next?  HeartCatch Precure!

The fourth and final anime in our Reader’s Choice series is maybe the most surprising selection.  While R86 and TWWK won’t touch the series with a stick (because of our overwhelming masculinity, of course), Goldy and Zeroe4 are happy to dive in.  In fact, Goldy even feels challenged to get TWWK to watch as well!

Art by カワサキカズヒコ

But for now, Goldy and Zero4, who’ve also previewed Xam’d, give their impressions of Heartcatch Precure below.

Goldy: Truthfully, it’s no surprise to me that HeartCatch Precure was chosen for the BtT’s staff to review. What can I say, our readers have good taste! 😀  HeartCatch was a series I had started a long time ago, but never really finished. To this day, I don’t know why I didn’t continue it, but re-watching the first first episodes has renewed my love for the characters and given me the stamina I need to see it through until the end.

Even from the first two episodes, one thing is clear, change doesn’t happen over night; even if you do happen to become a magical girl.  The Precure series are targeted towards younger girls with their “moral of the story” lessons and flowers in your heart mentality, but there is something to be gained for everyone, I think. Past the bright pinks and blues with sparkling flower petals, there seems to lie something deeper and more beautiful in this series and within these characters. I intend to dig deeper to find out. Plus, let’s admit the fight scenes are pretty great so far. 

Zeroe4: I have only seen two magical girl anime, the first was Madoka Magica and now Heartcatch Precure. This being said, I was not sure what to expect with Heartcatch Precure. I am currently four episodes into series and I have never watched anything like this show, but I like it. When I was in Japan, every konbini (Japanese convenience stores) had some sort of Precure poster inside the store. I think I am finally beginning to understand why. Precure embodies many things that the Japanese identify with, and this can be seen in other children’s shows especially one of the most famous anime in Japan, Doraemon.

Now, back to Heartcatch Precure. I am very surprised about how much I enjoy this show. I can’t say the plot is great; I can say it is very comical and incredibly optimistic. I think I may really like this show, but I need to watch some more episodes before I can say this for certain. I have high hopes for this show, and I think you the readers were really on to something when you picked Heartcatch Precure.


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