Something More: More Buddhism in Shin Sekai Yori, Festival Time, and No Politics or Religion on Aniblogs!

So, I haven’t read the following article, in which vucubcaquix discusses more Buddhist allusions in Shin Sekai Yori, because I’m trying to keep myself from being spoiled for episode six, which I’ve yet to watch.  But I highly recommend it, since it’s written by a pair the blogosphere’s best. [The Untold Story of Altair and Vega]

Guardian Enzo breaks from the norm and presents a travel/cultural post about events during a festival at the Meiji Shrine. [Lost in America]

Mushyrulez breaks his rulez and talks politics and religion on his blog, and considers adding a new column. [O-New]

A new Christian blogger, Sammy, has joined The Otaku HQ. [The Otaku HQ]

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