My Identity: Guest Post on Study of Anime

What is fandom to you?

This is the question Charles Dunbar, a friend of this site (I interviewed him once and he also gave us his aniblogger testimony), asked a number of friends and colleagues associated with anime.  I was lucky enough to get an invitation to join in his Identity Project.  Here’s how he explained the project:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been fortunate to gather essays and ruminations from bloggers and fans about what fandom means to them. (I’m still accepting them, by the way.) Each one of the writers involved has chosen one aspect of their fandom and written about how it has fused itself into their lives. Hopefully, this will lead to more discussion about the changing nature of fandom, and provide some ideas on where it is going.

No surprise, I connected fandom to my faith.  You might want to pop in and take a read, as I give a little bit of context as to why I do what I do on Beneath the Tangles:

ID project, round 3: Tangles


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