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I hate Facebook.

There.  I said it.

Maybe many of you are like me, and generally stay away from the phenomenon.  I want to take advantage of it, and use it to connect with family and old friends, but I find the format distasteful and too ad-oriented.  As for commentary – I’d rather go to Twitter to read what others are thinking and to speak with them.  After all, it seems that the discussions there are more in-depth.

But maybe we can change that.

Beneath the Tangles has opened a Facebook account.  We’d love for you to join in with us.  But beyond adding another “like” to our list, what really want our page to be is a destination – a place where we can talk about anime, manga, religion, and spirituality.  A place where meaningful dialogue can happen.

Help us do that by participating.  We’ve just started, so anything you could add would be a help in getting the conversation off the ground.

Beneath the Tangles on Facebook


11 thoughts on “Join Our Conversation on Facebook

  1. I know what you mean! It wasn’t so bad in the beginning, but it’s really sort of a mess right now. Anyway, good luck with this new venture. I went ahead and “liked” you guys. 😀

  2. Well, I don’t like the idea of discussing a serious topic on facebook; you see, facebook isn’t the place people go to have a meaningful chat…it’s all about small talk. What facebook exceeds in is to be the main channel on with people “share” links to blogs and news. I don’t see insightful comments on facebook, I see them on the blogs been shared.

    Anyway, that’s just to say that you won’t get a comment on facebook from me, probably.

  3. I share you dislike for facebook and love for twitter. The only reason I even joined facebook was to keep in contact with friends and family. I dislike the way facebook works and so much about it. It has it’s quirks though I suppose, and its uses. But twitter for the win. That’s where I’m always hanging out.

    1. I wish more anime fans would use Twitter – I feel like not enough younger anime fans realize what a great medium it is for discussing the medium.

      1. Well there’s a lot of anime fans out there on twitter. That’s what’s cool about it, everyone seems to hang there from forum posters, the industry insiders, the professional writers, fans, and everyone in between. It’s a great cross section of fandom, but it skews older.

        1. It definitely skews older, though I notice a lot of young people use Twitter, too. They just use it like text messaging, not taking advantage of the medium’s richness.

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