When Have You Been Humbled?

I’m on a huge social media kick lately, trying to bring Beneath the Tangles to varied and larger audiences.  One platform I’ve joined is Tumblr – a unique place for sure, and one that can be very addicting.

Yesterday, my post on Kirito as Jesus was reblogged and commented on by user, James:

This argument largely falls apart when you realize the miracle kirito performed (surpassing the system) is performed by Asuna 3 seconds before him. And several episodes previously (LN spoiler: Asuna rescuing kirito from kuradeel is also breaking the system.). As we learn later, this is the beginning of the incarnate system, using pure strength of will to alter the seed environment. As we’re shown later in Underworld (also based on the SAO seed) almost any one with a strong soul can use the incarnate system.

Also, kirito doesn’t die. You’re told point blank by kyaba that death in any world is death, and that he created your “heaven” to talk to asuna and kirito one last time. Meaning as such he kept their nervegear from frying their brains when their avatars die because they showed him something as amazing as surpassing the system was possible. The only one of the three that dies is Kyaba himself, who dies with Aincrad.

When you take away the singularity of kirito’s “miracle” and his death and rebirth, the Christ analogy falls rather flat.

Um, well, yeah!  So…um…yeah…you’re pretty much absolutely correct, Tumblr Person.  This is what happens when you try to write a post over an episode you barely remember and didn’t bother rewatching. -_-‘

It’s not easy to take bite of humble pie, but its something we all need sometimes (and since we’re imperfect, it’s something that happens to all of us).

What about you?  When’s a time when you’ve been given a heavy dose of humility, on the Internet or otherwise? 

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12 thoughts on “When Have You Been Humbled?

  1. One advantage to writing about shows that no one else has watched, as I just did and will do in the future, is that you avoid being corrected :). Though, I guess the whole point of your post is that we need to be humbled every now and again. Good on you for taking it in stride. Never an easy thing to do.

  2. Well, humility is good for the soul, and we really would not want to live for too long without being corrected or humbled. Can you imagine a person who never or hardly ever experiences correction or humiliation? I don’t want to be him!

    My usual place for being humbled is when my friends at school notice conduct unbecoming of my goal in this part of my education. Oddly enough, being reprimanded at their hands has only increased my affection for them.

    1. When someone corrects me, my prideful self immediately becomes, well, prideful and a bit angry. After I sit and think about what he or she has said, though, I usually remember that I am human after all and I need both the correction and my frame of mind to be flipped back to where it should be.

      1. I will confess that my pride often becomes inflamed by correction, and it sometimes takes a little time to cool off. But then, I consider how much I deserve it and the affection of the one correcting–as I’m usually admonished by those closest to me. Then, I rejoice in the fact that this person cared enough to admonish me and how much better off I am by following their advice. There you have it: I’m weird and thrive off of people telling me my faults. 🙂

  3. I think that its really important to be…well, humble, when we’re humbled. Because if we just sweep criticism under the rug, we lose our chance to improve by learning from our mistakes. Besides, humility is a much nicer quality than arrogance 🙂

    1. But arrogance is so much more fun! 😀

      Of course, it’s the humble that are praised in scripture, and humility is one of Jesus’ characteristics.

  4. Oh, bless you! 🙁

    I know the deconstructions of your arguments were “necessary,” but I do hope and pray you’re doing well emotionally, because for me I can say that that’s never fun, even when I need to hear it, and sometimes it can discourage me in itself.

    1. Thanks for the concern! I forget my prideful nature sometimes, so I feel little nudges like this are perhaps God’s way of reminding me who I am, and who He is. 🙂

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