Attack on Titan, Episode 01: Breaking Down Walls

I’ve enjoyed a number of the opening episodes to this season’s new series, but perhaps none more so than Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).  The opening episode, and particularly the attack by the titans, was exciting, unsettling, and frightening.  It’s every bit as compelling as Goldy mentioned it might be.

Episode one was filled with concepts that are ripe for analogizing, as the haughty and hiding villagers hid behind a wall of fall security, believing they were safe from the horrible dangers beyond.  And though I’m aware that one analogy has to do with the ancient church keeping it’s people in the dark, the idea that stuck out most to me had to do with sin.  As such, this post is a little bit “gloom and doom,” but hey, what would you expect after a tense episode like that?

Shingeki no Kyojin
Art by taka

When someone becomes a Christian, they are given a new heart, but that doesn’t mean they no longer struggle with sin.  Indeed, we see the sin in our lives more obviously now and should take active steps to stop it.  But sometimes, oftentimes, the reaction of a Christian might be to simply ignore personal sins.  After all, it’s easier to pretend some vice isn’t there than to deal with it, particularly if it’s an addiction or something that might cause us embarrassment if revealed in the open.

I’m reminded of the villagers of Shingeki no Kyojin.  Although warned by the “heretics,” they mostly feel secure within the walls and even ridicule the brave soldiers who do recon beyond it.  After all, why worry with what’s out there, when everything’s fine in here?

Except, everything is not fine.  Despite not being able to see the titans, they are certainly out there – and they are vicious and strong.  The wall itself is also circumspect – though very high, it’s not infinitely high; it also requires frequent repair.  It’s a thin covering for the danger that lurks only yards away.

We cannot ignore sin in our lives.  Our dirty secrets are capable of eating us up – they are dangerous, and if we don’t repent, one day our impenetrable walls will come caving in.  This probably applies to some sins more than others – I think it’s particularly apt when discussing sexual sin.  If you don’t actively take measures to stop sinning now, sexual sins and others can consume you – thinks will get worse, not better.

Ignoring what draws you away from God is hazardous: that titan of a sin will one day burst through, and you may not be strong enough to handle it.

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