Call Out to Our Readers: Let’s Connect!

There are a lot of ways to describe my purpose behind this blog, but maybe the best way is by saying it was to develop relationships.  I’ve hoped that the blog has edged more toward community than website (though it has a significance ways to go) as time has gone by.  In an effort to further this goal, I’d like to ask you, the readers, to share with us your digital information – how can we get in touch with you and how can other readers get in touch?

So please, share as much info as you’d like in your comments below.  Give your blog URL(s), Twitter name, Tumbler URL, Facebook link, etc – any information you’d like to share with us.  Let’s connect across mediums and maybe get to know each other a bit better.

I look forward to interacting with you wherever your online presence dwells!

16 thoughts on “Call Out to Our Readers: Let’s Connect!

  1. On one hand, as brothers and sisters in Christ, I should be happy to share my contact information. I, too, would welcome any discussion. On the other hand, the internet has made me cynical and weary, which I am not too happy about. There is also the little fear in the corner of my mind that someone I know in my other walk of life would find out about my hobby.

    Nevertheless, I have faith that nothing too terrible can come out of this!

    Twitter: www123@www111999

  2. Might I suggest starting up a chatroom or irc channel as well? I’m sure many people are a bit wary to handing out contact info, so this way, they can join and leave as they feel comfortable with. It also allows for lengthier or simple, random conversations between readers (and writers). Basically, a central hub to meet and converse with others on a regular basis.

    1. That’s a good suggestion and one I’ll think about. My first reaction is that, well, we just don’t have enough people visitors/regulars to make that a viable option. But it’s something to investigate. Thanks, Kaze!

  3. i suggest that you add steam to the list, even if you don’t use It to play games, steam has a chat option that allows you to chat with friends

  4. I like this idea. Though I don’t think I will be available much, here’s how you could contact me:

    Email (probably best way to reach me):

    Maybe you could set up a Meetup group event for people to come to?
    Anyways, a little info about me: I was raised as a Reformed Jew. I like your blog a lot for its Christian perspective. Sometimes I show your blog posts to my Dad, who’s a practicing and faithful Christian. For instance, he really enjoyed your posts about Madoka Magica and Haibane Renmei when we were watching those series.

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your sharing about yourself and especially of your sharing of our posts with your dad!

      Yeah, a meetup group might be fun. I do have something somewhat along those lines prepared for the near future…

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