Haibane Renmei Small Group Syllabus

This Saturday, June 22nd, I’ll be conducting our first session in our online, Haibane Renmei small group.  For those unaware, everyone is invited to take part in these sessions, in which we’ll be discussing Christian themes in Haibane Renmei and hopefully building relationships through sharing.  All you need is a Google+ account, webcam, microphone, and an open mind!  Please comment below, leaving your email address when prompted, and I’ll send you additional information (no commitment necessary).

The syllabus for the study is below (you can also download it).  Note that we’ll be having a two week break during the session.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday!

HB Study - Syllabus-1

4 thoughts on “Haibane Renmei Small Group Syllabus

  1. Wow, well planned! it looks great, I won’t be joining though i’m a non-religious person but seeing an Anime Discussion… a scheduled Anime discussion as well organized as this makes me want to hold one myself. Oh sorry for being “over-the-top” my first time seeing Anime being taken seriously. We need more of this in the Anime Community goodluck on future endeavors ^__^

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I hope that this chat will be “accessible,” in that fans who aren’t academics will be willing to join in (I know I certainly don’t count myself in that category). There is serious discussion of anime occurring, but it’s often at the university level or among published writers.

  2. I have to admit, there were times when you guys were talking over my head a bit, but overall, I enjoyed it, and I’ll try to make it for the second one…and arrange myself better before coming on camera.

    1. You looked fine, haha. And don’t worry about it – jump in whenever you can. You had some good comments, so thanks for participating!

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