PBS Idea Asks, “Are the Titans from Attack on Titan Really Evil?”

I think you all are going to like this.

The PBS Idea Channel, an award-winning Youtube series hosted by Mike Rugnetta, frenetically focuses on different aspects of culture each week in a fun and intelligent way.  This past episode, the channel attacked the titans.  Yes, the anime titans.  Mike Rugnetta and his crew focused last week’s show on Attack on Titan (they’ve also previously discussed Evangelion).

More specifically, PBS Idea asks the question, “Are the titans evil?”  From Kant to cancer, Nietzsche to the Daleks, and instinct to maxim, the episode presents interesting supports and angles to tackle a question the aniblogs have also been asking.

Check out the six-minute episode below and tell us what you think.  Are the titans evil?  And what do you think of the channel?

One thought on “PBS Idea Asks, “Are the Titans from Attack on Titan Really Evil?”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to this channel! It’s very interesting; never thought that PBS would be willing to look at stuff like Hatsune Miku and Attack on Titan…

    As for the subject itself, I might have to blog my own answer on that after I finish the show.

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