Golden Time 14: Too Young, Too Dumb to Realize

Golden Time has yet to convince me it’s worth all the stock I’ve put into it, but I will say that it keeps me entertained every week.  Episode 14 had me glued for several reasons, but perhaps most of all for Chinami, who stole the episode with that smarter-than-she seems and wilier-than-she-lets-on personality shining through.

I also connected to her because of her current predicament – that of Chinami moving into her own place.  I was reminded of when I was precisely her age and moving into my own place for the first time.  As with Chinami, my parents moved abruptly and I was left scrambling to make living arrangements.  It was maybe the first adult thing I ever had to do.

And it’s that idea – that Chinami is doing an adult thing for the first time – that really helped me gain some perspective on the characters in this series.  While the second half of the episode devolved mostly into boob jokes and immature conversations about relationships, I resisted the temptation to roll my eyes because I remembered: this is how I was when I was eighteen.  I can see myself in Chinami, in Banri, and especially for this episode, in Koko.

Banri and Koko
Art by 倖野めあ (Pixiv ID 40895676)

As Chinami and Koko have a heart to heart of sorts, the latter reveals what the viewer has seen throughout the series – Koko is insecure regarding those with whom she’s in love.  She wants to push Banri, or maybe she wants Banri to be aggressive, or maybe she wants Banri to fall in love with her because of how she dresses, or maybe – well, it’s obvious that Koko is very confused.  She wants Banri’s full and utter devotion, but she doesn’t know how to go about it.

I typically dislike that kind of immaturity in characters.  Koko seems ripe to be a character that I would find annoying, but I see a realness in her of someone who just doesn’t know herself yet, of someone who thinks she knows more than she does, and of someone who has all the insecurities an eighteen-year-old has, and perhaps more.

I’m not at all sure where the series is headed this season, but I hope it explores this theme of youth and immaturity and eventual growth some more.  Not only does it make for entertaining material – it also seems to be teaching me something.  And I can always use a little more wisdom.

6 thoughts on “Golden Time 14: Too Young, Too Dumb to Realize

  1. You had a much more graceful evaluation of this episode than I did, lol. The constant fanservice of the second half was a big point of criticism for me.

    1. Yeah, I can definitely see that Rob. I was thinking too much about what I posted on to pay much attention to it; I think it may have otherwise bothered me as well.

  2. I am really starting to lean on the “Drop” button with this series. I mean, this show would be amazing if it wasn’t for the whole “Ghost Banri” deal. Where are the Ghost Busters when you need them?!

    Nice write up as per usual, sir!

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