Take Four – January 2013

While Beneath the Tangles has aimed to be primarily a place for Christian analysis of anime, we also don’t want it to be a place where Christian discussion is a necessity. In an effort to expand the scope of the blog , one of the first things we are introducing is a short monthly anime news series. We will be introducing and commenting on a few recent happenings in the otaku world which caught our personal interest and hopefully yours, too!

KanColle Nendoroid Petit Figures Announced – Kaze

kancolle Shoukaku
Art by わだつみ (Pixiv ID 39932159)

If you have been paying any attention to Japanese otaku culture in the past few months, you should’ve at least heard of Kantai Collection, or KanColle for short. As the fastest growing game in Japan right now, KanColle continues to feed on its unprecedented popularity with the release of 6 nendo petit figures. Chosen by popular vote, the results are hardly surprising: Kongou, Haruna, Kitakami, Kaga, Zuikaku, and Shoukaku. I for one am delighted to see Shoukaku finally make her way into the KanColle merchandise. With an anime already in the works, along with countless other products, its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, but I do wonder how long this will really last.

In America, when we hear an anime is going to made into a film (Battle Angel Alita, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, etc.), we take it with a grain of salt.  Of course, it’s entirely different in Japan, where Attack on Titan is a go for adaptation into a live action film.  To further wet fans’ appetites, Shinji Higuchi (the movie’s director) and his staff worked on a commercial for Subaru featuring three titans, including the one that chomped down on Eren’s mom and the Colossal Titan.  These designs may not be used in the final film (I hope not – I was a little underwhelmed), but still, I’m sure SnK fans (myself included) are now excited for the movie, if we weren’t before!

What is this?! I see no anime in this piece of news! Well, that may be true, but as most otaku can attest (except for perhaps Charles, ahem,) Vocaloid and video games are two media that tie in ever so intimately with Japanese animation. As a Vocaloid fan and an addict of the Project DIVA series, the newest entry, releasing on March 6 in Japan for PS3 and Vita, has been a massive source of hype for me these past few months… and this new trailer did nothing but add to my excitement! If the language barrier is keeping you from becoming involved in the series, fear not, as I originally played the series with absolutely no knowledge of the language, so it is quite import friendly.

Black Lagoon: On Toonami – Zeroe 4


Revy and Rock
Art by おまる (Pixiv ID 17238303)

Starting March 22, the Toonami block of Cartoon Network will be airing the anime Black Lagoon. I watched Black Lagoon and its sequel last year and very much enjoyed the series. I did watch it subtitled and not dubbed, but I don’t think that will detract from the show in any way. The story revolves around a Japanese Salary Rokura Okajima “Rock” who ends up getting stuck working for contract pirates in the South Pacific. I think anyone who liked anime like Jormungand, Psycho Pass, or other intense and somewhat violent anime will like this one. 

9 thoughts on “Take Four – January 2013

  1. KanKore will last as long as the merchandise sells, or until the next moe-ization fad hits, unless it truly wins over the loyalty of the doujin community. Just my input as a Touhou Project fan.

      1. Maybe. I’m always grossly optimistic about things like this and then when they come out and are bad I get mad. Also, how are they gonna pull off the whole Mikasa being the only Asian left?

        I still wanna see everyone as real people though.

  2. Ahh, Project Diva! I just bought Project Diva F sometime ago on the PS3 and I had so much fun with it xD I got so addicted I went and get the older Project Diva (Project Diva, Project Diva 2nd, Project Diva Extend) titles on thw PSP. I haven’t play the latter two, still trying to unlock some costumes on the 1st Project Diva. But still, being the first and oldest game in the series, it had a lot glaring issues, though it’s still pretty fun.

    1. Yeah, the originals are a bit difficult to get back into after seeing what the team was able to do with the improved PS3 and Vita hardware, as well as a bigger development budget. F2nd is looking to be absolutely great, and they are including most of the most popular songs from PD2nd and PD Extend in it with much improved visuals and gameplay mechanics.

      In short, I am very excited!

      1. I briefly touched on 2nd and I think most of the issue had already been fixed by then. 1st one’s issues were quite plentiful, lol, ranging from grindy design, distracting sound effects, and awkward gameplay (no hold buttons). What do you think of the first Project Diva?

        Still, I probably wont be buying F 2nd in a long while despite the hype, lol.

        1. Sorry for the late reply!

          While I’ve played Project Diva 2nd, Extend, the Dreamy Theater entries for each of those, and then F, I actually totally skipped the first one! That said, I can’t really offer any specific opinions on it, but everything you said about it lines up with what I’ve heard.

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