The Power of Words in xxxHolic

“Living beings can be bound by so many different things… …But did you know there is only one chain humans can wield themselves?” – Yuko

Talking is such a natural part of everyday life that it’s easy to forget how much our words can affect everything around us, for better or for worse. In xxxHolic, Yuko refers to words as literally living things. As the only naturally occurring “chain” in life that humans can control. In that episode, a girl was chained down by her own words as she constantly spoke and lived out negative, self-fulfilling prophecies. She would talk about failing and it would happen, no matter how likely  she was to succeed before she spoke.


I know, in my own life, I can often get trapped in this same situation. I talk….a lot…. and I tend to be a pessimistic person. If I’m not careful, I can create my own complaining mantras that will leave me completely immobilized. 

What struck me most about the girl’s situation was not her own self -fulfilling prophecies, but the effects of her sister’s words. After the girl tries to change her perspective and only speak positive words, she is brought down by the worries and fears spoken by her sister.

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It truly made me wonder about the effects my words have on others. Words spoken from anger, words spoken from fear, words spoken from selfishness. How many people do I deeply affect every day without realizing? How has what escaped from my lips weighed on those people? Like Yuko said…

Frightening things, these words. Once they’ve escaped a person lips, they can never be returned. Once heard, they can never be ignored. Still, people throw them out far to lightly, often unaware of the chains they create.

It made me think not only about what I was saying but what I wasn’t and maybe needed to say. I don’t want my words to just be harmless, but to be something that gives others strength. I know a few times in my life where another Christian’s words were all I was holding on to.

I believe the use of my words are one of the most powerful ways I impact those around me. I want to remember what those little things can do.

“So also the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things. See how great a forest is set aflame by such a small fire!” (James 3:5)

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