Shounen Maid – Cleaning up Communication

When I first started watching Shounen Maid, I confess I was really unsure about Madoka. I mean, in the first episode, he comes out of practically nowhere and takes Chihiro in like family… family who wasn’t aware of his existence until that day. He then proceeds to, by the beginning of episode 3, dress him… Continue reading Shounen Maid – Cleaning up Communication

Annalyn’s Corner: Working!!! and Communicating Across Personalities

So, we finally found out why Yamada Aoi ran away from home. I wondered how they'd weave serious backstory into this lighthearted show, but they actually did it pretty well. Spoilers ahead, in case you didn't guess. Basically, Aoi's mother isn't good at talking. She overthinks everything, and when she finally opens her mouth, very few… Continue reading Annalyn’s Corner: Working!!! and Communicating Across Personalities

Anime Today: KINMOZA’s Communication Barriers

Hello, this is stardf29, and I will be taking over Anime Today for japesland while he is in Japan experiencing the Japanese life for himself. Kiniro Mosaic, a.k.a. KINMOZA, is a cute-girls-doing-cute-things show with an ongoing theme of overcoming communication barriers, and that theme is stronger than ever in the currently-airing second season. In addition… Continue reading Anime Today: KINMOZA’s Communication Barriers

The Power of Words in xxxHolic

"Living beings can be bound by so many different things... ...But did you know there is only one chain humans can wield themselves?" - Yuko Talking is such a natural part of everyday life that it's easy to forget how much our words can affect everything around us, for better or for worse. In xxxHolic,… Continue reading The Power of Words in xxxHolic

I Like Your Blog Post! And Your Facebook Comment. And Your Tweet. And…

Ty-chama’s recent post about her desire to see more comments on her blog made me reevaluate the communal interactions here on Beneath the Tangles.  I’m very happy with how readers chime in with their own opinions, stories, and additions.  Like a call-in radio show, this blog is strengthened by the reader interaction. Even further, I’ve… Continue reading I Like Your Blog Post! And Your Facebook Comment. And Your Tweet. And…

For Love of the (Fan)art, And Of Its Subject

I must confess that I have been viewing anime fanart much more than I've been producing it in my time at deviantArt. In doing so, I've been trying to get a handle on what all these other fanartists are doing, and why. To be honest, I haven't fully understood what I've been doing, and why.… Continue reading For Love of the (Fan)art, And Of Its Subject

A Word Fitly Spoken: Shikamaru in Naruto Shippuuden 153

It’s time for us to entrust things to others, not to be the ones to whom things are entrusted. It’s troublesome, but we can’t just keep complaining. Eventually you’ll be the one treating others to ramen. And you’ll be called ‘Naruto-sensei’ or something. We can’t just be rugrats (gaki) forever. Not if we want to… Continue reading A Word Fitly Spoken: Shikamaru in Naruto Shippuuden 153

Christian Parents Guide to Anime

Anime and Christianity are two terms that seem to be incompatible and even complete opposites.  Particularly in America, anime is about as foreign a media as one can consume.  Lauren Orsini's recent guest post drove the differences between these concepts home even further.  Of course, my blog attempts to show the connecting point that many… Continue reading Christian Parents Guide to Anime

Interview with Pastor Jason of The Anime Review

Anime and Christianity.  These two words don't seem to fit together, but if you follow my blog, you'll know that my goal is draw connections between these two terms.  Now, how about these two words: anime and pastor.  Wouldn't it be interesting to find a pastor who has an interest in anime? Enter Jason Huff,… Continue reading Interview with Pastor Jason of The Anime Review