Blue Spring Ride Episode 6: Sisters Before Misters

Episode six of Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) picks up right where episode five left off, dealing with Yuri’s admission to Futuba that she likes Ko.  While Yuri tells Shuko the same and deals with the pains and delights of a crush, the scenario puts pressure on Futuba to really think about her feelings toward Ko, and by episode’s end, she lets chance become the final push to catapult her toward admitting to herself that she, too, loves him.

This is one angsty complication, for a couple of reasons.  First, Futuba and Yuri have a nice relationship and Yuri is a very nice girl – this is not a typical love triangle where it’s easy to root for one side over the other.  And further, it’s uncomfortable knowing that perhaps the only truly kind character among the major ones is going to lose, if not immediately, then eventually.  This is Futuba and Ko’s love story, but Yuri and Ko’s.

ao haru ride
If he gets off the train, it’s a sign to lie to classmates, abandon friendships, destroy feelings, etc. etc. etc.

What’s most appalling, though, is how quickly (in only one day!) that Futuba decides that her feelings are more important than her friendship with Yuri.  She doesn’t resist her feelings – Futuba lets herself feel all mushy toward Ko, and with a half-hearted internal apology toward Yuri, ends the day by perhaps making a decision to pursue the object of her affection, this though he’s mostly unkind toward her.

I can chalk it all up to high school immaturity and hormones – and probably should (I was there, too) – but I wonder if we don’t make the same kind of choice that Futuba does, just in different settings.  How often do we choose ourselves, making decisions based on emotions – at work, with family, in our relationships.  And all too often, selfish decisions can have consequences on co-workers, loved ones, or friends.

What’s ironic in this episode is that Futuba seems to be valuing love most of all, when in reality, she’s choosing emotion (in love) over love (real love).  She loves Yuri because they’ve connected as friends.  She “loves” Ko because he smells good.

That’s what quick decisions can do to us.  While in this shoujo series, all will possibly almost certainly turn out well, in real life, poor decisions can hurt others and cause long-term pain and distress.  But if we know what’s right and good and true, perhaps we can avoid doing what Futuba does, and make choices that build up and demonstrate love, rather than tear down out of a selfish spirit.


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  1. Regarding Futaba not giving way… I disagree, TWWK. She has liked him for a long time. I wouldn’t give way either to a newbie like her. And I don’t know if the anime showed Yuri’s past in middle shool. She was indeed cute, and guys liked her even the ones with girlfriends…. but she didn’t care about the girlfriends, and flirted with the guys… she was hated by everyone. Some of her middle school classmates are her classmates now, so her reputation followed her… but just the same, Futaba befriended her. I don’t know if this is a spoiler….. Yuri finds out Futaba likes Kou too… BUT YURI DOESN”T BACK OFF, and makes sly moves.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree with you in that Yuri doesn’t necessarily have ownership over her crush, and I would even say that Futuba, with her earlier connection, probably has deeper feelings toward Ko.

      My point is this – all of these actions and thoughts are infatuation, where little or no love is involved. It takes love to consider your friends, to think about how your actions affect others, and to sacrifice on the behalf of those you love. Futuba’s actions in this episode revolve squarely around herself and her emotions, and not at all around others. And it’s ironic, then, since love, something that’s supposed to be self-sacrificial, becomes something entirely self-serving for Futuba.

      On another note, I’m not sure I’m going to like the way the story evolves now that you’ve revealed a little more of what occurs…bleh.

      1. AoHaru Ride is one manga that I had obssessed on from Day one, ( I think it came out about 4 years ago ) but had decided to drop this about 10 chapters ago. It ‘s not so much because of the story itself,…. it’s because of the readers who post their comments. Of course I can always ignore the comment forum …… after all, I believe 80% of the readers are tweens who are not able , YET, to recognize the subtleties in the story. They are all crushing on Kou, so, bam, the guy can do no wrong. But I couldn’t help but read, and everytime I did, it p*ssed me off.

  2. Sisters before misters….awesome. I’ve never seen this show but I agree with your overall point. It always irks me in romantic movies where the characters hurt everyone around them but it’s OK because “they’re in love” and every other relationship can just go by the wayside (part of why I can’t stand The Notebook.) I haven’t seen this series though so I can’t speak to the relationship.

    1. I suppose it’s our society’s continual infatuation with infatuation (rather than love)! Thanks for the feedback, Ashley. 🙂

  3. For what it’s worth, at least Futaba is being honest about her feelings. Being dishonest about how she felt about Kou to herself and to Yuuri (like in the beginning of the episode) would probably be more hurtful in the end.

    Of course, a lot will depend on whether the two of them can actually talk out their feelings to each other and come to some reasonable understanding over their mutual pursuit of Kou and how it will affect their friendship. Though if what renxkyoko is saying is true…

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