Mileposts: Kirito x Asuna, Karuta God, and I Can’t Believe This Got a Thousand Hits

Periodically, I like point back to some of the more than 900 posts we’ve written here on Beneath the Tangles.  “Mileposts” is about blogging milestones – those little breakthroughs when posts hit certain numbers of significance in terms of hits.  Three articles recently hit such mileposts.

kirito x asuna
Happily ever after.

Sword Art Online, Episode 10: You Complete Me
40,000 Hits

While a new season of SAO brings up it’s own set of interesting spiritual themes, the first season had me writing episode after episode, including this post, in which I spoke of the relationship between Kirito and Asuna and a little bit of my own marriage:

And note Asuna’s words; she will protect Kirito “forever.”  The completeness of marriage is not only in two becoming one; it is also in the contract that is born – one that is meant to last.  Kirito will stay with Asuna “until the end.”  Asuna will stay with Kirito “forever.”  They will create a whole and complete marriage.

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Oreimo Finale: I Can’t Believe My Series End Like This (Wait…Yes I Can)
Milepost: 5,000 Hits

As you might imagine, I wasn’t happy with the finale:

But I guess these couple of selfish kids made the series worth watching as a lesson in what might happen when you value your lust, dreams, and desires over what’s really most important: love.

Though that’s to be expected, since the series started on a delightful high and was almost entirely downhill from episode two.  Fury aside, in this post, I tried to work through my reasoning for why it all turned out the way it did.

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Chihayafuru, Episode 13: Four Faces of God
: 500 Hits

One of my favorite series of recent years was Chihayafuru, which presented multiple opportunities to blog about Christianity:

Because of how kami function in Japan, it’s no surprise that Chihaya asks for a wish to be granted.  But her approach isn’t too far off from those of Christians who expect God to answer prayers their way – the difference is that the latter prayers are done with a bit of fake humility.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a singular topic to focus on when trying to blog an episode.  Those types of articles usually end up in the digital trash heap, but sometimes, they lead to posts like this, in which I discuss a number of somewhat-related ideas.

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