Something More: Secret Christian Anime, Saya no Thank You, and Good Librarian, Good Intentions

The leaves are falling, winter is on it’s way, and the holiday season is upon us.  And that, apparently, means lots of people are finding connections between anime and religion.  This week’s column is full of links to excellent article connecting the two topics!

Medieval Otaku tells how he draws allegories from and symbolism out of anime. [Medieval Otaku]

Zachary believes Christians need generally to be more open to all sorts of media, but Saya no Uta crosses the line for him. [Zachary’s Abode]

Frank examines the idea of good intentions in episode four of A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd and how Christians should think on this principle. [A Series of Miracles]

He also looks at the importance of community in Encouragement of Climb and for Christians as well. [2]

Michael calls four popular anime “secretly Christian.” [ChurchPOP]

Maysam looks back at how fans have commented on various aspects of Attack on Titan, including matters of religion. [The Artiface]

Rob compares a fight in episode 8 of Sailor Moon Crystal to that between God and Satan. [Geeks Under Grace]

He also delves into the sin of lying in a review of episode one of Wolf Girl and Black Prince. [Christian Anime Review]

Rob finds a parallel between Kaori’s determination and God’s in episode 3 of Your Lie in April. [2]

As part of the Something More series of posts, each week Beneath the Tangles links to writings about anime and manga that involve religion and spirituality.  If you’ve written such a piece or know of one, please email TWWK if you’d like it included.


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