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My seasonal anime viewing habits are as such – I try out quite a few new series, based on our previews here and others, and then quickly drop those that don’t interest me.  By the end of the season, I’m usually only watching 2-4 series.  This season, the series are even less compelling to me – I’m only watching three current shows, and probably by winter’s end I’ll only be keeping up with Your Lie in April.

So what better time than to hit that “want to watch” list?

But I’d like you to pick out which series (including one currently-running one) I pick up this season.  Choose one from below (all of which are on my “watch list”), and I’ll go with the readers’ vote.

Edit: Voting is closed!


17 thoughts on “Pick an Anime for Me to Watch

  1. Unsuprisingly, Mushi Shi is in the lead. It’s a good show and very different from most of the anime I’ve watched. I have a bunch of season 2 queued up on Hulu.

    1. Sorry about this last statement. It was in BAD taste. Just got off work, am trying to unwind and going crazy. Again … sorry.

  2. Lots of great choices here. I of course have to support my personal favorite, Silver Spoon, but all of the top 3 are well worth watching.

    1. I watched the first episode when it aired and absolutely loved it – it just kind of got nudged out of my viewing schedule because of time. I’m looking forward to getting back to it!

  3. Wow you’ve got quite a good list there. I personally would hope for shiro bako. it’s a great little anime which is incredibly believable in the way people deal with situations that come up and its depiction of the animation industry seem to be really well done. The other’s i’d reccomend are Nozaki kun (funny slice of life anime where a protaganist is a manga artist with his friends as assistants.) Mushi Shi is good but i personally just watch it when i’m trying about to go to bed or something like that it’s so relaxing it has helped me go to sleep before. I only recently started haikyuu but i really like it. I think you will too.

  4. I voted Shirobako, as it’s an anime about making anime, what’s not to like about that! 😛 I’ve found both highly entertaining and educational, so far at least. 🙂

  5. I vote Mushishi all the way. It probably has more staying power and depth than anything else I’ve seen. Every time I watch an episode, I gain a new perspective on it and a better appreciation for the series as a whole. Also it has great animation and I like looking at the pretty pictures.

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