The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 7

For our seventh episode, we are excited to have Tek7, the founder and president of Christian Gamers Alliance, as our guest. Also, starting officially with this episode, we have established our new permanent podcast hosting team: JP (Japes) and Sean! We have retired the old formula of switching out co-hosts every month, but rest assured, the rest of the Beneath the Tangles team will still show up from time to time! For this episode, we focus our discussion on “Humanism in Japanese Video Games/JRPGS,” but we talk about plenty more, so be sure to give the whole episode a listen!

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Time Stamps:
Intro – 0:00
Announcements – 22:04
Otaku Diet – 23:43
Current Article/Discussion – 37:28
Listener Mail – 1:06:42
Closer – 1:21:58
Bloopers – 1:22:47

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6 thoughts on “The Tangles Anime Podcast: Episode 7

  1. Great podcast guys, and thanks for mentioning myself and the other new writers 🙂 Glad to see a gamer as a guest! That just made me smile. God bless, keep it going.

  2. I really liked the talk of original sin and the fall of Man. Really good stuff in here, stuff that I relate to as a Lutheran. (Only posting now because I put off listening to it.)

    1. Thanks! Sean and Tek are both very knowledgeable and great talkers!

      If you liked this episode, I think you’ll enjoy episode 8 (posting Thursday)!

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