Your Handy Dandy Anime Blog Building Guide

One of my visions for this blog that’s developed over recent years has been to develop a series of posts that help new anibloggers get going.  Developing an anime blog is fun, but it can be frustrating if you don’t know how to build an audience and how to improve as a blogger.  To compound the problem, there isn’t necessarily a go-to source on the Internet that will take you step-by-step in aniblogging building.  Unfortunately, my posts for this series are sitting in my draft folder, a ghost town of articles in various stages that never come to fruition.

But if you’re a new aniblogger, or thinking about going into anime blogging, you’re in luck!

aniblogLauren Orsini, a wonderful writer and friend to our blog, has just published an ebook entitled, Build Your Anime Blog: How to Get Started, Stand Out, and Make Money Writing About What You Love.  Lauren is a professional journalist and a wonderful aniblogger – she’s the perfect author to guide any of you that have an interest in aniblogging.

Lauren’s book provides the basic ins and outs of anime blogging – it’s a great one-stop resource.  But its value goes even deeper through the twelve interviews she conducted with other anibloggers.  And, you guessed it, she selected me among the interviewees, so if you want to know a little bit about the goings-on behind the scenes here, and the method to my madness, it might be worth a read.

I highly encourage you all to check it out and support Lauren while purchasing a terrific, terrific resource!  Build Your Anime Blog is available now through Amazon.


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