Call for New Staff

Beneath the Tangles is looking to add three key positions to our staff. While we understand there is continued interest from potential writers out there, there are no current writing positions available. Instead, we’re looking for individuals who can help us grow our presence on the web.  Here are the positions we are seeking:

  1. Social Media Coordinator: This individual will run day-to-day operations of our social media outlets, particularly our Twitter and Facebook accounts. He or she will have a wide latitude to develop these accounts and will work with TWWK to use funds for account advertising. Applicants should have experience leading or co-leading successful Twitter and FB accounts. Applicants must submit a cover letter outlining his/her interest in the position, experience (including links to social media accounts), and statement of faith.
  2. Web Administrator: In the coming months, Beneath the Tangles plans a site redesign. This individual will redevelop the site as it moves to He or she will work closely with TWWK in creating a strong functional design for the site, and after the move, will continue upkeep and updates to the site. The applicant will have extensive experience in web or blog design, be comfortable doing coding and other tasks associated with web design, and may have experience with Applicants must submit a cover letter outlining his/her interest in the position, experience (including links to work), and statement of faith.
  3. Illustrator: The illustrator will develop banners and other original artwork for use with the site. The illustrator is expected to develop a banner for the site move (discussed above) and occasional new banners periodically; icons and other less intensive art for the site; and 2-3 fanart sketches per month. Applicants must be excellent artists with extensive experience creating artwork in anime/manga style. Applicants must submit a cover letter outlining his/her interest in the position and statement of faith, as well as links to a portfolio, deviantArt account, or other illustration site.

We’re seeking individuals who are obviously very talented, and whose faith and commitment matches our own. These are intended to be long-term volunteer positions with our site, and we would rather leave these positions open permanently than add staff without a commitment to the site or to our faith. Still, we hope to add some wonderful individuals to our team! Please send all submission addressed “Beneath the Tangles Application” to TWWK to begin conversation about possibly joining our team.

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