Untangled: Clannad Visual Novel or Anime?

In our Untangled feature, we answer questions posed to us from our readers. Today’s submission comes from Michael:

Hello I have some questions about clannad. 1 would you recommend this title? 2 which version of clannad should I read/play first to get the whole story, from start to finish? (VN, LN, anime, manga). Thank you for providing a place where people can go to to get Biblically based advice.

clannad 5a

Thanks for your kind words, Michael!

The first part is easiest – I would absolutely recommend it. In fact, Clannad is on the very short list of anime series we specifically recommend.  The show is a lot of fun to watch, but more than that, in the second half it goes in a direction very unexpected from an anime series, a place both real and fantastic. And as After Story moves a long, the series brings in themes that are of utmost importance to Christians. If you do watch the show, I hope you’ll dig through our Clannad posts and see what we’ve written about it (but not before – these writings are full of spoilers!)

The second question is a little more intricate. I went to our resident Key experts here, Japes and Kaze, to get their advice. Their consensus was to just go watch the anime because A) it’s a great adaptation and B) the visual novel is very long. They do mention, though, that the anime doesn’t tell the “WHOLE story,” so if you’re willing to invest time in the VN, that would be best (and a localization of it is coming out next month).

Also, as a final note, Kaze had this to add:

Also movie is bad; don’t watch the movie.

So there ya go! YES to Clannad. YES to the anime (and to the VN, if you have time). A big NO to the movie. 😉

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