Conquering Lost Souls – Anime VS Reality

Lately, I’ve been watching an anime called “The World God Only Knows” (referred to as TWGOK from here on in). For anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of it, I’ll give a brief plot explanation, without any spoilers (or, without anything you won’t learn in episode one). The anime follows the story of a “professional dating simmer” (this guy plays dating sims all but 24/7), Keima, who has become known famously online as “the god of conquest” for his ability to “conquer any girl”. In hell, some “souls” have escaped, and a demon, Elsie, is sent to capture them. Thinking the “god of conquest” is her best chance, she invites him into a contract – he, thinking it is a game challenge, accepts. Only after she explains what the reality is does he understand what he’s agreed to.

Bound by a contract that must be completed (or they will die), they have to find these loose souls and capture them. The problem is, these loose souls hide in people – people with spaces in their hearts (in the show, all females). Those spaces have to be filled – by love – before the soul will be pushed out and can be caught. Naturally, as a guy who lives on dating sims, the main character has hardly spoken to a real woman (and prefers those in his games). Yet, he has no choice but to help complete the quest.

Elsie holding a loose soul (screenshot from season 2, episode 7).

Perhaps it’s my brain’s ability to make weird connections to things, but watching this anime, I can’t help but be reminded of our call as Christians to save the lost, and also the reminder that we are not battling an earthly enemy, but a spiritual enemy.

In TWGOK, the souls that inhabit people with emptiness in their hearts are meant to be those of demons. If left long enough, these souls can gain strength and manifest in the world. Ironically, this is fairly similar to how demons work, as far as we can understand from the Bible. Naturally, demons have one purpose – to aid the Devil in drawing us away from God. It is far, far easier to attack someone who has an “emptiness” in their heart, than it is to attack someone who has no room for a demon to get their foot in the door of your life.

The Devil knows each person’s weakness, and when someone is struggling it is like they have a temporary “emptiness” in their heart – that makes it that much easier for the Devil to find a way into their life. That “emptiness” can even be seen as not just a temporary struggle, but perhaps could be more representative of our lacking completeness if we have not accepted Christ. That doesn’t mean we don’t stop sinning once we accept Christ, or that we no longer ever have days where we feel “empty” and Satan starts to get his foot in the door again. However, like how the loose souls have to leave their host when their host begins to fall in love, Satan’s hold on us loosens the stronger our love for Christ becomes.

Another similarity between TWGOK and reality is what happens to those who are plagued by these demons. In TWGOK, someone who is hosting a loose soul tends to manifest strange habits or skills based on that loose soul. For example (MINOR PLOT SPOILER), one girl has the ability to split into two “people” (one is more of a ghost version of part of herself) because the loose soul clings to the emptiness she faces in feeling like two halves of her are at war. In reality, we can often see the outward signs in people’s lives when they have let Satan take control. For those who struggle with anger, we can see them either being angry all the time, or becoming two-faced – kind to those they wish to impress, angry towards others. For those who struggle with self-worth, we may see them begin to seek it in all the wrong ways – sleeping around, becoming vain or narcissistic, not eating, working out obsessively, etc.

In TWGOK, Keima (the male protagonist) is the reluctant hero. He hates that any time is taken away from his dating sims, and does not adjust well to the idea of interacting with real women. He instead tries to apply his dating sim logic to real girls in an attempt to fill their heart with love, thus releasing the loose soul so Elsie can capture it. Through all the episodes, though, his “PFP” (basically a PSP) comes with him everywhere. However, over time, he begins to find the accomplishment in helping the girls actually brings him some form of satisfaction – despite the fact they all forget him and he receives no thanks. I think we can all identify with him, to some degree, in our own “quest” as Christians to “save people from loose souls” (or basically to bring “lost” people to Christ). We all have our own lives. We all have our own hobbies. We all have plans when we get up for what we do and don’t want to do that day – and, by nature, those plans tend to be selfish. When dealing with the awkward debates, tense conversations about faith, and perhaps painful arguments we go through while attempting to lead people to Christ, I’m sure we all have times like Keima, where we’d rather just be doing what we want. I’m sure we also all have times where we give up, walk away, and think “what a waste of time. I could have done ____(insert a list of “more fun” things) during all that time instead!”

I’m sure that how Keima is forgotten with no thanks is how we sometimes feel after leading someone successfully to Christ – they perhaps “move on”, socially or to a new church, and don’t show the gratitude you feel you deserve for helping save their eternity. However, I’m also sure that we can be as strong as Keima. Even though he often doesn’t want to, it’s not convenient, it’s thankless, and it doesn’t feel very rewarding, he continues to save the people who are hosting loose souls. I’m sure we can keep on soul-saving for Christ, too, in that case. Sure, Keima had his life on the line – but for us, we have other people’s lives on the line. Or, rather, we have their eternities on the line.


6 thoughts on “Conquering Lost Souls – Anime VS Reality

  1. Awesome post, loved it. I agree 100% on how it’s when we are at our weakest the devil will tempt us. When we are the most tired, depressed, stressed out and just fed up with all our daily issues that’s when we just want to kick back….and sin. It’s happened to me many times, as a Christian as well.

    Thank you for sharing the powerful reminder that I need to keep seeking Him, even in my times of weakness…

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and even more glad it served as a good reminder!
      I think part of the reason it stuck out to me was because it struck a personal chord in my life, too. I attend a public college, and it can be VERY hard to keep wanting to put in effort into trying to save the college kids around me (especially if they choose to be rude, hateful, etc.). But, when I go into it with the mindset remembering that I have to at least TRY to save them, because God loves each of them, and He at least is thankful for my efforts, it’s a lot easier.

      1. Your talking about evangelism right, when your talking about saving them? If so, I perfectly understand you. I have never stepped foot into a Christian college and I used to evangelize with my church at two different colleges. It was a lot of fun, but to be honest, if you bump into anyone that tries to get all philosophical on you, or start asking questions that they don’t even know what they are saying you have to go back to the supernatural, and the basics.

        Jesus Christ rose from the dead, He’s not dead but alive.
        God still performs miracles, and is still actively healing, touching and transforming lives.
        There is a heaven and a hell, just like there’s a China and Australia. They are real places, where real people go to when they die.
        God loves you even as a sinner, and your speaking to them because God sent you to speak to them.

        Just a few tips, I hope it wasn’t too much, I get excited about that topic 🙂

        God bless, looking forward to reading more of your articles!

  2. Hey! Finally got around to reading this! (It’s Sam U.) Great post!! I feel like I have that “Well I’d rather be doing this” mentality lately, especially since I’m transitioning from HS to College, I’m looking for a job, and I feel God is pointing me in a direction that I feel very strong about, but I also have a lot of hobbies I want to do each day and I already feel like I don’t get to do those enough anyway.
    I always feel like I’m stretching myself out and then other people ask me to do stuff for them and it stresses me out, then I get that “This is a waste of time” thought when I do start doing something I wanted to do.

    Then I’m a stubborn person, so it takes me a while to go “oh, maybe I should just pray and read my bible now” when I start stressing about everything. Thanks for giving me that thought before I stress out more

    Sorry for the thought dump, this post just got me thinking.

    By the way, would you recommend this anime? :p

    1. Haha, hey! Thanks. 😀
      Yup. I very, very much recall that mentality when I was swapping from HS to college. I was terrified, overwhelmed, and totally unsure of myself. I had to figure out OSAP payments, pass my driving test, handle driving solo, and a buncha’ other things. But, I KNEW God had called me very specifically to the college and program, so I couldn’t really back out and play dumb, haha. In 20-20 hindsight, though, I can say I’m glad I “wasted” my time instead of pursuing what I wanted to do – because God has blessed me for it immensely. Trust He’ll do the same for you. 🙂

      Haha no worries! That’s the point of us having comments enabled on here. 😉

      Totally! I can think of only a small select few risque moments in the entirety of 3 seasons, and they’re still only risque (no nudity at all, just some conveniently located plants and such the odd time). Not really any violence – violence is mostly cartoony. There’s the general fact Keima’s just going around making girls fall for him so he seems like a player, but that’s kinda’ the plot, so, can’t skip that out lol. 😛 But I really enjoyed the series overall! 🙂

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