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Over the past few months, our Patreon funds made it possible for us to move to a new independent web hosting server that has given us the ability to make numerous behind-the-scenes changes to the way our site operates. This change has also opened the door to many new, exciting changes for this year!

A contribution of $2 a month will help us reach a larger audience through our site.  We of course welcome larger donations as well.  Please visit the link below to find out more information regarding donations:

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We’d also like to thank those who have already given!  Please consider visiting our patrons’ sites and accounts:

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3 thoughts on “Patreon: Thank You for Your Donations

  1. I apologize for pulling my donation from the site. With the new year, I’ve had to reconsider how I spend my money. And with Charles leaving, I just felt like I have no connection left to your site. Maybe in time I’ll get to know the new writers and come to support the site again. But for the moment, I don’t feel any strong connection left to the site. I wish you the best going forward.

    1. Thank you for your support up until now. To me, your occasional comments mean even more than donations, so I hope to see you around from time to time!

      1. Just as Annalyn said, your input is much more valuable than your money! I really enjoyed interviewing you for our podcast, and I look forward to interacting you, whatever that may look like, in the future ^^

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