Introducing Our New Discord Community

At Beneath the Tangles, we always strive to facilitate community and conversation. While our blog resources have been and will always be the primary focus of facilitating discussions about anime and faith, and we will always be actively engaging our readers in the comments section of each article, we’re excited to be able to announce an extension of those interactions: Discord!

For those who are not aware, Discord is a free application that serves as a chat room, Skype replacement, and general community builder. We’re excited to be able to use our new public Discord server as an avenue for developing a community of people who are interested in digging deeper into their otaku interests. Whether people would like to talk to us instantly and directly about an article or religion, meet other otaku, or just talk about your favorite anime, our Discord server will be there! This is also a great opportunity for us to learn what people want to see on the site!

Not by coincidence, we’re also happy to be presenting our three-part winter 2016 anime season review beginning tomorrow afternoon. We hope to be able to hear some of your opinions in Discord throughout the week.

If you’re interested in being more a part of our community, don’t hesitate to hop in and give it a shot at this link, or on our new Discord side bar widget found on this page (and the website as a whole)! We’re excited to meet you!

Additionally, apart from being free, the best part about Discord is that it is accessible! Check it out via browser, download it for your Mac or PC, or download the app for iOS or Android!

7 thoughts on “Introducing Our New Discord Community

  1. A chat room called Discord. That is an interesting choice right there (and my mind immediately goes to MLP).

    Sounds neat, though!

    1. Haha, I don’t watch MLP but I kept getting redirected to fan art when I was looking up images for the Discord app!

  2. This seems like a valuable addition to the site. It allows the readers and writers of this blog to communicate more freely than ever before.

    My mind also immediately went to MLP.

  3. Cool! As a sort of unofficial BTT regular, I’d be interested in personally interacting with some of the writers I haven’t had the pleasure of that kind of contact with. Thanks for setting this up and hope to get to know the other readers as well!

    1. Luminas, you’re regular enough that you’re one of the first people that came to mind when we talked about extending our community to Discord. I hope to see you there soon!

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