BtT Anime March Madness: Victor

After multiple rounds of battle, we finally have our first ever winner of our anime March Madness. In a final vote of 58% to 42%, the winner is…

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood!


Thank you all for voting. Let us know what you thought of the tournament, what you would change for next year, and feel free to discuss the final match!


9 thoughts on “BtT Anime March Madness: Victor

  1. I would definitely recommend adding One Punch Man and ERASED to the brackets for next year because it has easily become the new favorites for many people. Aside from this, I believe that Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood did deserve number one spot!

    1. Thanks for the comments/suggestions. I have plans for next year which will involve this year’s Top 16 plus a new 16 brought in by the editors here, but we’ll see!

      Again, hope everyone enjoyed this! 🙂

    1. i’m not a Christian, but personally… o.O; And that’s mainly because Brotherhood is almost the type of secular show that would’ve come into existence in a primarily Christian culture. Despite the fact that it obviously didn’t. Kind of like old Rogers and Hammerstein movies in that respect (Which came into existence in a very Christian US) but in no other. X]

      Sin, Atoning for past mistakes, redemption and sacrifice, the value of human life, the corrosive effects of pride and greed and thirst for power…All told in a way that is engaging, lively, and philosophically complex. (Some Christian productions suffer from a lack of necessary intellectual interestingness. Some don’t, and I LOVE those. ;} ).

    2. I can see why alchemy, the way they present it in this show, could look problematic to some. The transmutation circles look like something you might associate with witchcraft—but it’s decidedly not. So if it’s more of the “magic”- type elements that worry you, be at rest. That said, I know of a Christian with a difficult mental and spiritual past who might be triggered by FMA, and I would not recommend it to her without significant warnings.

      Alchemy is presented in a very scientific and philosophical way (dealing with its world’s own version of both physics and metaphysics). In many ways, Edward is like an atheist scientist in our world. So this show could present an excellent opportunity for Christians to reflect on how their faith interacts with science, and on their perspective of the physical and spiritual realms. FMA is set in a different world, so its physics and metaphysics are only inspired by ours, and not meant to replicate them. But some of the philosophical struggles do mirror those in real life. They’re worth thinking over. I think a very humanist worldview/philosophy is presented in FMA (rather than a God-oriented worldview), and that’s something Christians do well to note and compare to their own, hopefully more Biblical worldview. But you’ll find secular humanism in a *lot* of shows and movies, anime or not, so that’s not unique to FMA/B.

      (I realize that I’m using the word “worldview” a lot, and it’s a word I take for granted from my years of Christian schooling. If you’re not familiar with it, I recommend Googling it! Learning about worldview gives you a great way to understand your own perspective and the perspective of others—and to be more discerning in not just *what* you watch but *how* you watch it.)


      Is FMAB safe? Not exactly. But most art’s not “safe.” As we live, we’re going to come across things that challenge our worldview, things that we have to compare to what we know from God’s Word. FMAB is not particularly unsafe, either. And for most Christian viewers, I’d say that the alchemy itself is not the problematic part.

      Also, I agree with Luminas. ^_^

        1. I can understand in general the fear of loving the world over the Lord. I am uncertain if this series could lead you down such a path.

          The question I have, based on your quick burst replies is – what about FMA:B makes you fear that? From that I’d know how I or any of us can advise you.

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