Tsuki ga Kirei Episode 05: Building Blocks (and Stumbling Blocks)

I’m continually amazed at how Tsuki ga Kirei is getting it right. Kotaro and Akane’s experiences may not have been mine, but they’re still genuine – they feel like they’re supposed to feel, they act like they’re so supposed to act, and they fumble along as two awkward, innocent kiddoes would. And in episode five, they run into a most natural barrier for students who’ve never dated: what exactly does dating mean?

It’s not an easy time of it for Kotaro and Akane. They’re both too shy to reveal their relationship to those around them (though each confides in an older confidante in this episode) and don’t exactly have friends with good relationship experience to depend on. So they depend on “Guugle” searches and the Master of Love from Yahho! Answers for advice, as well as on their still-forming ideas of how these things should be. It’s no wonder that the roadblocks pile up rather quickly.

Always trust Guugle and Yahho! Answers
Chinatsu looks to be a pretty big challenge…especially for Akane

But you know what? Despite all the difficulty and the wrong turns here and there, I think these two precious ones are on the right path because they are literally starting from the beginning. They are forming something new – and that’s not always the case when it comes to relationships.

Somewhere along the way in life – at least this was the case for me – I fast-forwarded the starts of relationships. What I mean is while physically a relationship that’s “official” is in the beginning stages, and while the thrill and chemicals of first dating someone is there, I hurried through the slow beginning stages and immediately wanted trust and fun and intimacy that is best developed over time.

You’ve only been dating five minutes, Akari

You see, when you begin a relationship, building blocks should carefully be laid. Like a house with its foundation, it doesn’t necessarily look like much at first, but you’re setting up a strong relationship by being smart, taking your time, and getting to know one another. Instead, if you rush too much, you might inadvertently built your relationship on memories and experiences of past ones rather than on the one before you.

The same is true in any relationship – lovers, friends, God. Learning about that person takes time and effort. How can you say you love someone you’ve only known a month? You haven’t had the opportunity to really love them yet. How can you really adore God when you haven’t had a chance to be challenged in your faith? How can you think of someone as your best friend when you haven’t had to be there for her?

It’s more than okay – it’s good to build your relationships ground up instead of jumping from level one to ten. You’ll have your thrills (holding hands in the case of Kotaro and Akane), but you’ll also fumble along. And that’s part of the point – the things that take time and experience are part of the knowing, the learning, the trusting, and ultimately, what relationships are all about: the loving.

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