Win a Kimi no Na Wa Prize Package as Our Patreon Drive Begins!

Beneath the Tangles has existed now for nearly seven years (can you believe it?), and during that time, it’s grown to include over a dozen staff volunteers, a wonderful community across a number of platforms, and a Patreon account. It’s hard to imagine all this happening in 2010, when I started a blog that I was hoping to sustain for more than a month or two. I feel that God has been with this account though – he must be, for all the mistakes I’ve made along the way! -_-

As we move into another year on the site, we ask for your help in supporting it financially. While our staff’s commitment and the wonderful readers helped this site grow from nothing into a considerable presence in the anime blogosphere, it’s through financial giving that we’ve been able to expand so much, developing a Facebook account that is it’s own, viable presence on the web; moving away from the platform to establish a more powerful website with our current theme; and generally expanding our reach to audiences who would never otherwise consider what we do.

During the next two weeks, we’re asking our readers to consider supporting us through one of three levels of giving:

  • GOLD ($25/month): At our top level, our gold patrons will help us quickly reach our goals of expansion and engagement on Beneath the Tangles. In return, we’ll send you a POP figure of one of your favorite series each year, starting the month after you commit, as well as other anime goodies (value of about $10) each quarter.
  • SILVER ($10/month): Silver patrons will play an immense role in moving us toward our desire to reach otaku who haven’t thought much about how the possible intersection between faith and anime. As a thank you, we’ll annually send you a POP figure of one of your favorite series, starting the month after you join.
  • BRONZE ($5/month): Our bronze patrons help the site keep going, graciously providing for the site’s general needs. As with all of these levels, bronze patrons will receive special insights and goodies that show you how Beneath the Tangles operates behind the scenes.

While any donation will be accepted, those above will also be entered into our grand prize for this drive: a Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) prize package! As we anticipate the DVD release, we’ll get you going by giving you a copy of the official, Japanese-language visual guidebook for the film; the CD soundtrack for the movie, as produced by RADWIMPS; the English-language Kimi no Na wa light novel; and an awesome 16″ x 20″ art print for the movie! Gold patrons will receive five entries toward the prize; silver will receive two; and bronze one.

So please, consider becoming a Patron for Beneath the Tangles! You can support us by visiting our account:

Beneath the Tangles Patreon

We accept support at any time of the year, but you have to become a patreon by June 30th to be considered for the grand prize. We look forward to your continued support, our precious readers – financially or otherwise, and thank you for prayers, gifts, and readership!

Note that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Patreon or companies releasing the prize merchandise.  To be entered into the prize, you must submit your donation through Patreon by 11:59 PM, central standard time, on June 30, 2017, and have given your first donation by the July 2017 automatic withdrawal date. A winner will be chosen at random based on the number of tickets you have entered into the giveaway. The winner will be contacted after the drawing; if the winner does not provide affirmation and a mailing address within one week of contact, he or she will forfeit the prize and it will be drawn again from the remaining contestants. Only patrons with a mailing address in the United States or Canada will be eligible for the prize. Beneath the Tangles reserves the right to revise any part of this promotion at any time for any reason.

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