Summer 2017 Patreon Drive: POP on in, Support the Site, and Get a Reward!

Our Patreon Drive continues for one more week as we ask you to help support our ministry here at Beneath the Tangles! Remember that if you become a supporter in at least the BRONZE ($5) category by Friday, you’re entered into the drawing for the Kimi no Na wa prize pack; every additional $5 you give allows for another “ticket” into the drawing.

But what I’m really excited about during this campaign is the new POP reward we’re giving to our SILVER ($10) and GOLD ($25) supporters! If you enter one of these categories, either during the drive or any time before or after, we’ll send you a POP figure once a year, a little reward through the mail that you can proudly display on your mantle as you explain to guests, “Well you see, this ‘Cleaning Levi’ has something to do with a Christian anime website…”

We’ll send you a survey if you enter the category to find out some of your anime tastes and try to send you a POP figure that’s in your wheelhouse. So what other reason do you need to support our work here? 🙂

So again, please consider becoming a patron for Beneath the Tangles and visit our page. Remember that our summer drive ends this Friday!

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