First Impressions: Fate/Apocrypha

The “Great Holy Grail War” is about to begin as masters and servants come together in episode one of Fate/Apocrypha. While the stakes remain high as ever, Fate/Apocrypha trails in a direction different from other Fate series, pitting two teams against one another, the Masters of Red v. The Masters of Black, the latter representing Yggdmillennia and led by Darnic, who possesses the Holy Grail, and the earlier representing the Clock Tower and featuring Sisigou, whose servant is revealed to be Mordred.

saber of the red
art by クロブチぬまま | reprinted w/permission

I’m not the Fate aficionado that some are, but I am excited that we have a new series, this one based on light novels. The opening episode was nothing special, however, and even a little worrisome; while the cast of revealed masters so far is interesting as ever, and the servants can’t help but always be entertaining, the setup feels uninspired, and the amount of info dumping in episode one was ridiculous. Even without knowing much about the light novels, I have little trust that this series will be special, though I hope to be proven wrong, and I’ll surely be turning in, though honestly I need to think about whether I feel comfortable watching now, or waiting for a U.S. Netflix stream in November. In the meantime, seeing cool ones like Mordred and Jeanne (and I guess it’s Jeanne, though she doesn’t appear as a servant, showing up at the end of episode one at a windowsill praying through Psalm 19) appear in Aprocrypha tempts me to re-roll in my other obsession right now, Fate/Grand Order, and try for servants I like better than my Hercules and Chevalier d’Eon.



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  1. My biggest gripe with the whole Netflix drama is that there’s about a 0% chance their subs will even be as good as UTW’s. I’m at least willing to give Crunchyroll et al. some leeway with prioritizing speed over quality, but Netflix is making people wait for 4 months, and they’re still going to provide an inferior product because UTW is very highly regarded and full of fans of the Fate universe (hence their name).

    Jeanne is so awesome, and she’s super useful in F/GO 😛

  2. Now that the show has finished airing and we know that it was all about two devout Christians duking it out over whose vision of the world is what God wants for humanity, are we ever getting any BTT commentary for this? Not often that you get Christianity front and center in anime and it’s not kooky Hellsing Christianity.

    1. Whoops, spoke too soon. We might end up posting a few articles relating to the series haha. Stay tuned. 😉

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