First Impression: Koi to Uso

Yukari Nejima is about to turn sixteen. He’s in love with his classmate, Misaki Takazaki. Unfortunately, a confession leading to happily ever after seems highly unlikely. Not only is the gulf between the awkward Neji and popular Takazaki wide, the two live in an alternate future when at age sixteen, you are assigned a spouse. To combat declining birthrates, the government began a marriage matching law which has met with great success. And as Neji finally decides to confess his love to Takazaki, he’s faced with a future where love and marriage don’t fit together.

koi to uso episode one
No, he’s really not.

The storyline for Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) is interesting…it’s like a traditional romance with a sci-fi, big brother flavor. But the execution…oh, the execution! The character designs are particularly bland and ugly. And the lead character is so creepy. He’s in the love with the girl because she once whispered, “thank you” to him, hasn’t talked to her in five years, and times his stares so he thinks she won’t notice. Just…CREEPY GUY ALERT. So much cringiness. I’m okay with that if we get to see him grow past the creepy, but all indications are that we’re supposed to see ourselves in Neji and empathize with him. It’s otaku bait. No thanks. Too bad, because the set up for the series is a gold mine for blogging. Also, literal saliva swapping near the end. -_-‘


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