First Impressions: Restaurant to Another World

In the basement of a building in the corner of a shopping street in Japan, one may find the Western restaurant Nekoya. Despite its secluded location, the restaurant enjoys regular customers who come to have a taste of the chef’s cooking. However, every Saturday, he closes the restaurant to his Japanese customers, not because he wants to take a day off, but because on those days, he serves customers from an entirely different world. Connected to his restaurant by mysterious doors, this world resembles that of your classic fantasy world, and its inhabitants visit the restaurant every seven days to enjoy food that cannot be found in their world. One day, a demon girl, Aletta, finds herself in the restaurant while trying to scrounge up food, and the chef decides to hire her as a waitress.

isekai shokudou restaurant to another world aletta
The food reactions this time around are more ordinary than, say, Food Wars, but no less powerful.

Based on a light novel series, Restaurant to Another World (Japanese title: Isekai Shokudou) changes the recipe to the usual isekai “transported to a fantasy world” story in many ways. This time, the fantasy world denizens are the ones visiting the modern world, and the leading guy is no teenager, but an adult chef with a good head on his shoulders, though admittedly not much else to his personality yet. As for what this show has going for it, first of all, look at that delicious food! This is one of those shows you don’t want to watch on an empty stomach, and fans of other food-centric shows like Food Wars and Sweetness & Lightning will likely find this show to their tastes too. The characters are a nice bunch, too, with Aletta being a really sweet girl overall; there’s also a dragon who visits the restaurant and considers it her treasure, and is nice enough to bless Aletta with her protection after finding out she will be working there as a waitress. Overall, the ingredients are set for an absolutely delectable food-based slice-of-life-esque show, with the fantasy world residents enjoying food we might have gotten a bit too used to, and showing just how important food is in our lives. With a fascinating setting, great characters, and absolutely mouthwatering displays of food, you can bet I will be staying for the full course.

— stardf29

Restaurant to Another World can be streamed on Crunchyroll.


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